Back To Hogwarts! In Which Of These Hogwarts Subjects You Will Be The Best At?

Take your wands out! Time for some spells.

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Oct 25, 2021

Okay, guys! It's September 1st and I bet you were checking at your mail and anywhere searching for those Hogwarts acceptance letters. It doesn't matter how old you are, we all wanna go to Hogwarts, get into that magical world, take some amazing classes, cast some spells and meet some amazing magical creatures. Have you ever wonder where would you fit the best at Hogwarts? Is Charms class the best for you? Or maybe Defense Against Dark Arts? It's time for you to find out!

>> Wands Ready! Do You Know What These Harry Potter Spells Do? emoji

Which of these Harry Potter characters would be your best friend?

Which of these things do you enjoy doing the most?

Which of these Harry Potter moments do you love the most?

To which Hogwarts house do you belong?

How would you define yourself in one word?

What are you most afraid of?

If you could only make a wish, what would it be?

Do you believe in Aliens?

Do you believe in magic?

Do you think animals can think?

Which of these members of the Order of the Phoenix is your favorite?

Which of these spells would you like to be able to cast?

What job would you like to have in the magic world?

What do you love the most about the world?

You have to stay on a desert island for a year. Which object would you take with you?

Which of these is your favorite Harry Potter book?

If you could have one of these magical creatures, which one will you have?

What's the purpose of life?

Who's your favorite Hogwarts professor?

If you could have a sip of one of these potions, which one will you drink?

What's your favorite Hogwarts subject?



You are creative, ingenious, and great at taking risks! Potions is THE subject for you, a curious, imaginative, and funny person. Not only clever to do the right thing but GREAT to take risks and maybe take everything to the next level.

Defense Against Darks Arts!

Defense Against Darks Arts!

You like adventures like anything else in the world. You like adrenaline, taking risks and you have a vivid desire to travel around the world in order to meet the most amazing cultures, lives, and people. Defense Against Darks Arts will match perfectly with you! Go ahead!



Oh, your mind...your mind! When people say you live in the clouds, BELIEVE THEM BECAUSE IT'S TRUE! You are imaginative, open mind and sensitive so you're more than open for Divination to be the perfect subject for you!



Is nature, the world, plants, and flowers something you TRULY love in life? Do you enjoy getting on your knees, getting dirty, walk amongst the trees and breathe fresh aire? Well, nothing else to say! You should TAKE Herbology!

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