Wands Ready! Do You Know What These Harry Potter Spells Do?

Even Hermione Granger can't guess all of them right.

Martin Kaff
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On Aug 29, 2021

July 31 was J.K. Rowling's 56th birthday, and about 24 years since the first Harry Potter book was published, when the world fell into the magical universe of Hogwarts. While many of us grew up reading books, some have only seen the movies, which... is ok too!

In the Harry Potter world, there really is something for everyone, from drama, to action, to comedy, and of course adventure and mystery. Today, we want to test your knowledge of one of the most unique and iconic parts of the series: the spells! As Harry, Ron, and Hermione learned their spells, it felt like we were learning too.

So, how well do you remember the essential ones, and what do they actually do?

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What do these spells do?

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Expecto Patronum

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Finite Incantatem

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Avada Kedavra

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