ARMY ALERT! These Are Our 10 Favorite BTS Songs Ever

We can make a statement here and say that BTS is the best band of the moment. PLUS: What does the BTS logo stand for?

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Aug 22, 2021

Why do we say that? Well, I think it's pretty obvious they are shining with their songs, their moves, and their hearts. Are you ready to find out which are our 10 BTS favorite songs?

But before that, let us give you an extra piece of knowledge of your favorite band: many of you may be wondering what does the newest BTS logo stands for, so you may want to know that the BTS logo features two trapezoids that symbolize doors, with the meaning being ARMY meeting BTS at the doors.


Permission To Dance

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I don't know if I've had permission to dance, but I danced a lot with this song. Let's talk about the key piano at the beginning and how the song only goes better and better. If you're having a bad day, you'll only have to put it on repeat and repeat!


Mic Drop

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'Mic Drop' is, for sure, one of BTS' most popular songs. Why? Because BTS and Steve Aoki made an amazing bop that will put you on your feet until you sweat. So energetic, so much fierce, so enjoyable.


Boy With Luv

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Once you hear 'Boy With Luv', you'll never forget it. I mean, I think this song could stay in your mind for DAYS non-stop. It's so catchy and so funny to hear, we could do it all night long. PS: Halsey, we love you, girl.


Save Me

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'Save Me' always gets me nostalgic, you know? maybe because they were really young kids and they have grown like... a lot? Besides, this song's chorus is all I need to be happy.



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Butter doesn't exist until BTS made this song. Funky vibes, pop vibes, their style, their voices... but is it even possible that something better does even exist? Sorry, headphones, time to reach volume 100%.



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A song that makes me happy? 'Dynamite' by BTS! Only with the first verse, I'm on my feet giving it everything. Probably the best song in 2020.


Fake Love

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There's something about 'Fake Love' that hypnotizes me. Maybe their lower voices in the verses or how the song explodes on the chorus or maybe how the 'i'm so sick of this fake love' part hits me so hard.



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That trumpet could liver forever free in my mind! It is, for sure, one of their most energetic songs ever and we can notice it at first. Furthermore, the lyric is amazing. I won't stop loving myself never, BTS, I promise! 


Blood Sweat & Tears

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This song is just iconic. There's something so catchy with its sound, with their voices that give me chills every time I hear it.


I Need U

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'I need u' is one of BTS' most unique songs and that's what makes it so amazing and so special. It's a song that made BTS grown so much and, in their own words, for which they are really grateful. I don't know, guys, this song makes me emotional and that's why it's my favorite.

I've left so many out of this top 10 I could cry, honestly emoji Tell me which is your favorite BTS song in the comments!