10 Good Habits You Can Adopt This Year To Help Save Our Planet

The Time Is Now.

Santiago Lechmann
Created by Santiago Lechmann
On Jan 20, 2022

It's well known that our planet is suffering from human activities impact. Many people say there has never been such a destructive creature for nature and Planet Earth as Humans are. What is happening, then? Are big companies and factories the main problem here? Are their wrong ways to work and produce causing the biggest impact on the environment? Maybe yes, but still there's so much we could all do at home, with our daily routine to make a big change. It might sound cheesy and cliché, but if we all stand together, we can! This is why we gather here 10 things, 10 tiny things for you to start doing at home to take care of our planet a little bit more.


Take shorter showers

Water is a rare commodity, we all know that. Water is the source of life for everything we know. We know that big companies all around the world pollute seas, oceans, lakes, and rivers causing terrible issues for nature and even people. But if we begin with tiny things like reducing the time in the shower, we are helping A LOT! Are you the one who dances and sing along in the shower with music? Well, a good exercise might be listening to a five minute song, for example, the right time for you to take that shower!

Also in the bathroom, turn off the tap while brushing your teeth and in the kitchen, you might do the same while washing the dishes.

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Turn Off The Lights

Letting your lights on at home all day long will not only cost you a little bit too much, but you are also contributing to the pollution that produces. Some tips for you to reduce this at home? First of all, you should take advantage of the outside light, OPEN THOSE WINDOWS! Also, you might buy some energy-saving lightbulbs and replace them with the ones you actually have at home.

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You cannot imagine the huge amount of garbage that every single day in every single country goes to the garbage dump. Leave the excuses, it doesn't take too much time and it's not that complicated. With an action as simple as this, you are helping the environment a lot! Classify your waste and give some of it another chance of living. For example, you might use plastic bottles in order to make some really cool pots. Give it a try! Constancy and environmental education are the best way to do this. Oh, by the way...this thing about cool pots leads us to the next point!

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Create your own compost

Once you've made your recycled pot, not it's time for you to make your own compost for all those plants you'd love to have! You'll only need some time to do it and space, of course. Once you put your pot in the place you wish, put in it some food scraps such as vegetable and fruit peels, apple hearts, salad scraps, or stuff like that and mix it with some soil and cover the whole pot with a card box. You should remove or stir this for three days with a shovel adding some water some times a week. You'll see how your remains become a great compost for you to use in some other plans or in an urban garden!

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Use your bike

The bus, your car, your motorcycle... It's high time for us to stop using those polluting means of transport. Instead, you might start to take short walks if it's a place close to us or you might even ride a bike. The biggest cities around the world are impulsing their citizens to use cleaners means of transport and that's something we completely STAN!

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Reduce your consumption

One thing is clear about today's world: we cannot stop buying unnecessary stuff we don't even need or use frequently. Then...WHY!? Well, It's the society we're living in where things tend to work for a shorter time (have you ever heard about planned obsolescence? Well, this is it!). We should start applying a smarter consumption of things in order to avoid all that amount of stuff ending up as garbage.

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Turn Off Your Computer At Night

Are you the kind of person who leaves your phone or your computer charging the whole night? Well, it's a great time for you to stop doing this! By doing this, you will be saving energy...and money, of course! Don't worry about your stuff there on the computer, you can always put it in hibernation and that's all! Also, be aware of unplugging everything that might cause unnecessary use of energy! Change is done in the tiniest actions.

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Meatless Monday

Do you know there are people who avoid eating meat on Mondays just to help the environment, spend less and eat healthier. The meat often comes from cattle raised on deforested land. By reducing the demand for beef, you are helping to protect important areas like the Amazon.

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What About Old Technology?

We all love the latest phone on market, yeah, that's a fact! But the millions of phones and old technology that end up as garbage is also a fact. Here is another fact: 130 million phones are being thrown away every year all around the world and it is not a type of garbage that decomposes easily. A cell phone can take up to 4,000 years to degrade. If you're gonna throw to waste some old technology, do it in the right way, in the right places!

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When You Brush Your Teeth...

Don't forget to turn off the key of water! It's a REALLY dumb thing we could all do and avoid gallons of water being wasted. Actually, hundreds and hundreds of water gallons are being wasted daily only because we don't do this. Time to change!

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We know that it takes a lot to really produce a change in our planet. But what is a big change if not plenty of million little changes happening at the same time united for the same reason? The future of our planet is in your hands, literally. Let's begin now!

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