How to Choose the Best CBD Brand

Many people are realizing the need to use CBD products to relieve their pain without exposing themselves to side effects that are potential for future worse pains.

Samuel Jones
Created by Samuel Jones
On Oct 24, 2019
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The products are made from the now popular hemp plant of the cannabis family which is credited for treating dozens of chronic diseases. Buyers are all over the internet searching for CBD cream for sale to help them deal with conditions like:

  • Sore muscles
  • Eczema
  • Skin infections
  • Rashes
  • Acute and chronic pains
  • Psoriasis

Matters to do with skin are very sensitive being the main organ that makes contact with the world around you. An unhealthy skin gives the impression of a real ailing person. The choice of product to use on the skin has to be done cautiously to avoid making the condition worse. For this reason, the CBD creams with their known nature of relieving pain and healing skin infections with no side effects have been on high demand. This has also led to an increase in unscrupulous traders out to exploit desperate buyers. To avoid being deceived by a CBD distributor on the best CBD brands to pick from, here are a few guiding tips.

1) Seek to know where the hemp plant was grown.

The plant, being a hyperaccumulator will absorb everything that is in the ground where it’s cultivated. The richer the soil, the richer the CBD oil product. This is what makes American hemp the best in terms of purity because farmers get certification from the government. There is, therefore, the assurance that fertilizers and sprays have not been used on the hemp plants. The land should also be free from heavy metals like lead and mercury, which can reflect in the CBD oils after processing.

Most of the CBD wholesalers offering the creams at very low prices will most likely have bought the products from manufacturers who buy substandard low-cost hemp, from uncertified land. It’s possible to get the information about where the hemp of a particular manufacturing company comes from by checking on the manufacturer's website or from their customer care representative.

2) Know the manufacturing process used to extract the oil

Different brands have different methods of extracting CBD oils from the hemp. The manufacturing process can help to determine whether a manufacturing company is credible or not. Those that sell their products very cheaply will normally have used very cheap methods of extracting the oil. The cheap way is the use of toxic solvents such as butane and hexane in the extraction, which may lead to contamination. The method of extraction referred to as 'supercritical CO2 is used by the manufacturing companies who offer the best CBD brands. Due to the high cost of the equipment required for this process, the complexity of the refinement process and the level of expertise needed, it’s unlikely that a small-time manufacturer will be in a position to use this method. Before purchasing the CBD oil products ensure that you have searched for this information from the manufacturer's website in order to be sure of the method that was used.

3) Check how much THC is in the CBD oil product

Ensure that the THC present in the CBD oil is less than 0.3%. The lab results usually portrayed on the company website will indicate the percentage of THC available in the CBD product. The reputable manufacturing companies have no problem making their lab results public on their website, whereas the unscrupulous ones will turn hostile when asked to give out such necessary details. The percentage can also be put on the container label for easy access by anyone interested.

4) Look out for the 'whole plant' label

Best CBD brands are made using the whole hemp plant. This will ensure that the CBD oil not only contains the CBD, but also the entire constituents of the hemp plant. Those that do not use the whole plant are referred to as the CBD isolates which are quite popular but do not contain the flavonoids, terpenes and other cannabinoids that are known to boost the benefits of CBD. Some brands use the term 'full spectrum' for the whole plant. You can get this detail as well from the label or from the manufacturing company's website.

5) Rate the customer care service

The way a customer care representative responds to a CBD distributor or customer, tells a lot about the credibility of their other services. Rudeness may be a sign to show that they have something to hide, or a product they have advertised is not available entirely, or not available in the form indicated. With reputable CBD producers, all your questions will be answered and a follow up done to ensure customer satisfaction.

With most CBD wholesalers promising to offer the best CBD brand, it’s hard to know who is genuine out of the high number of merchants in the market today. Knowing what to look out for in picking the best product will reduce the chances of purchasing low-grade CBD oil product that will not offer the benefits associated with CBD, and which could also contain harmful toxins.