Have you met Spider-Man's team of super villains?

Time to get to know the Sinister Six - one of the most notorious teams on comic book pages.

Roi Berger
Created by Roi Berger
On Jul 14, 2019
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Spiderman: Far From Home introduced Mysterio, a major Spidey villain who definitely deserves a spot on the big screen. But did you know Mysterio is part of a group of Spidey villains known as the Sinister Six? The group debuted in 1964 and is considered to be one of the most notorious teams on comic book pages. Here is a short history of each member of the dreadful team.


Doctor Octopus

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Otto Octavius founded the Sinister Six in an attempt to slay the web-slinger. After reaching out to every Spidey villain out there, only six responded, thus naming the group. Doc-Ock (as he's known) is a world known scientist who designed a set of 8 mechanical arms controlled by brain power alone. After a radaiation leak, the arms became attached to his body and instead of using the arms for their original purpose of nuclear research he began a magnificent criminal career. Doc-Ock appeared in Spider-man 2 (2004) and in Into The Spider-verse (2018) as his female (and very ass-kicking) version of Doctor Olivia Octavius.



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The most recent addition to the MCU, Quentin Beck is one of Peter Parker's most eccentric villains. In the film he's an ex-employee of Tony Stark (Iron Man), but in the comic books (and several TV shows) he's a failed actor and special FX man, who turned evil after failing to score major parts in Hollywood. Beck's past as a performer helped him scheme against Spidey and try to frame him for robbery. In the film Far From Home (2019) his plan is much bigger and way more psychedelic. Make sure you watch the mid-credits scene to realize just how much.



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Another character who's got different origins in the comic books and the film. In The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014), Max Dillon is an engineer who works in Oscorp and idolizes Spider-man. He gains control over electricity after an accident and sets out to destroy his idol, who he thinks is trying to steal his fame. In the comic books Electro gets his powers after being struck by lightning. The film is considered to be not a great Spidey movie, but Electro is definitely one of the better parts of it.



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Not to be confused with Neil Gaiman's king of dreams. Sandman is Flint Marko, an ex-con who gets in contact with radioactive sand, which bonds with his body and making his molecules sand-like. In the movie Spider-man 3 (2007) his story is way more tragic and has more to do with Peter's deceased Uncle Ben.


The Vulture

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In the comic books many characters take on the name of the vulture, but the first to do it (and Spidey's second villain ever) is Adrian Toomes, a former engineer who developed a flight harness which also gives him super strength. The vulture is not a young man, but is a strong and vicious villain. The film Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) presented a very realistic Vulture and one of the most critically acclaimed villains of the MCU.


Kraven The Hunter

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The only member of the original Sinister Six who hasn't appeared on the big screen yet, is also one of the most popular Super-Villains ever. Soviet immagrant Sergei Kravinoff set out to hunt Spider-Man and prove himself the greatest hunter ever. Like Spidey, he's got enhanced senses and instincts, and even without them he's a very strong man and an outstanding athlete. When will we see on the big screen? No answer yet.

That's not all folks!

Like any good comic book team, the Sinister Six only began this way and by the time Spidey defeated them they reincarnated as the Sinister Seven, different version of the Sinister Six, and there were even teams called the Sinister Twelve and the Sinister Sixty Six!
If you want to read more, just pick up one of Spider-Man's comic books and began reading, they're bound to pop up and wreak havoc at one point or another.

Which member of the original Sinister Six is your favorite?

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