7 Epic Fantasy Book Series To Satisfy Your GOT Needs

With Game Of Thrones over and done, many people feel like they need more dragons, magic, court intrigues and heroism in their lives. Don't worry, we GOT you covered! Here are 7 (long) book series featuring all of the above plus much more!

Roi Berger
Created By Roi Berger
On Jul 16, 2019
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The Wheel Of Time - Robert Jordan

Robert Jordan's magnum opus began as an idea for a trilogy, but eventually expended into 14 novels and a few short stories. The series tells the story of a young man who discovers he might be the chosen one, and sets on a journey to discover himself and fight evil. Jordan passed away before finishing the series, and Brandon Sanderson was called to replace him. The series is now being developed for TV.


Mistborn - Brandon Sanderson

Brandon Sanderson's series is comprised of two trilogies. The first tells the story of a slave girl with strange powers who finds a magical mentor on a quest to change the world. The 2nd trilogy occurs many years later and introduces modern technologies and a different set of characters. Sanderson is known for his organized and well-developed magic systems, and Mistborn proves just how much.


The Kingkiller Chronicles - Patrick Rothfuss

Even though it's not finished yet (Much like GRRM's beloved Song Of Ice & Fire series), it's one of the most critically acclaimed fantasy series of the 21th century. The story takes place during 3 days, in which the protagonist, Kvothe AKA The Kingkiller, reflects on his life as a sorcery student, delinquent and very not-by-the-book hero. A film, a TV series and a computer game are in development, with Lin Manuel Miranda (Hamilton, Moana) as executive producer, so expect a lot of buzz and great music coming your way!


The Powder Mage Trilogy - Brian McClellan

Began as a trilogy, this series now includes another trilogy (out of which 2 books are out already), a role playing game and a bunch of short stories. Set in a world in which magic and gunpowder are both great factors, the books follow several characters right after a military coup, as they try to maintain order in the world, while fighting inner and outer demons.


The First Law Trilogy - Joe Abercrombie

Another trilogy that spawned a few sequels, and there's a good reason for it. It's gritty, dirty and grim as a black hole, but Abercrombie's characters are well established, the worldbuilding is phenomenal and you'll have a hard time not turning the next page. The story follows Logen NInefingers - a bloodthirsty mercenary, Sand Dan Glokta - a torturer, and Jezal Dan Luthar - an arrogant knight, in times of great change to the world around them.


The Dark Tower - Stephen King

OK, it's not fantasy per se, but it is epic, and even though it includes tropes from the horror, sc-fi and western genres, it has a lot of fantasy elements as well. Roland Deschain, the last gunslinger, and his ka-tet (group) are on a quest to find the dark tower and stop the man in black from destroying the universe. Along the 8 books of the series they'll face grave dangers from their world, from ours and from beyond, and meet many interesting characters including the author himself!


The Stormlight Archive - Brandon Sanderson

Another series by Sanderson, but it definitely deserves a place here. Out of the planned 10, only 3 books were published, so you have plenty of time to catch up on this truly epic series (each book is at least 1000 pages long) before it ends. In a world devastated by the violent highstorms, an elder knight, his son, a young slave and a noble teenage girl discover that their world isn't what it seems, and that great magical forces are lurking underneath the dust. Sanderson's worldbuilding, magical systems and dense setting, not to mention well established characters, will leave you thirsty for more, even after the 1000th page.

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