5 Simple Practices For Stress Relief In Times Of Crisis

From breathing exercises to guided meditations, here are some easy methods to help you relax during the global COVID-19 outbreak.

Roi Berger
Created by Roi Berger
On Oct 6, 2021

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The Triple 10 Method

It's physically impossible to take deep breaths and be stressed at the same time. So why not extend your breaths, and by doing so make the stress go away?

How Do You Do It?

Inhale for 10 seconds, hold your breath for 10, and exhale for another 10. Easy, right? Try it. 10 in, hold for 10, and 10 out. It’s better to do at least three cycles of this exercise, and you can perform it for as long as you want, but just a quick warning - you might get addicted to it!


So Hum Breathing

So what? So Hum, it’s an Indian Sanskrit Mantra meaning (among other things) “I Am,” or “I Am That.”

How Do You Do It?

Just breath in while mentally repeating the sound So, and breath out while mentally repeating the sound Hum. So, in. Hum, out. Inhale with So, and exhale with Hum. The effects of the practice? Try it and see for yourself.


Positive Affirmations

During these weird times it's easy to sink into despair or depression. Social media and news fill our brains with panic and doomsday predictions, and you might find yourself running the same hurtful thoughts over and over again. The solution? Just try to move toward the other direction with the help of positive affirmations.

How Do You Do It?

Start by picking an affirmation or an auto suggestion, the most popular is: "Everyday in every way it's getting better and better." Don't think about it, just sit back, do one of the breathing exercises and repeat it for a minute or so.
You can find others online, or make some up on your own, just make sure you only use positive words, and not using words like NO.


4-7-8 Breathing

youtube embed goes here!

Dr. Andrew Weill came up with this method which is intended for insomnia. But guess what? It lets you sleep because it helps letting go of stress and anxiety.

How Do You Do It?

Well, the video will explain it straight from Dr. Weill, but it's basically breathing in from your nose for 4 seconds, holding the air in for 7, and breathing out from your mouth for 8 seconds. Simple and effective.


Guided Meditations

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Meditation is one of the most powerful tools we have for stress relief, and it's way easier than you think. No wonder it's been around for thousands of years. In these times we have access to more guided meditations than we can practice in our entire lifetime, all you need is a computer, a tablet or a phone, and the will to do it.

How Do You Do It?

Just listen to this beautiful and uplifting guided meditation and follow the direction.

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Which Of These Methods Will You Try First?

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