These Adorable Memes Star The Most Unlikely Of Companions

You may look at these and reconsider how you feel about an entire species...

Rob Fairchild
Created by Rob Fairchild
On May 19, 2016

Rats might not have the best reputation. You might not think they're cute. In fact you might think they're kind of gross.

Pizza Rat got robbed!


But these rat memes might make you rethink that...

I feel you lil bud. I feel you pretty hard.


Rats are pretty friendly little dudes. Especially when pasta is involved..

I have had this exact response to the promise of pasta...


It turns out that rats are kind of just like us?

They make bad calls, just like us.


...they even dream of the weekend...

We share so many things little creature!


Rats know much about us, and our culture..

So real. So darn real.


Rats even have goals!

Alright alright I'm kind of sold.


But what's the most true about rats is really true about any pets; they spend their whole lives with us. Even if we don't spend our whole lives with them.

Remember to love you rats, people.

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