You Won't Believe What This Cat Does When It Thinks No One Is Watching!

How she does it without any formal training is beyond us...

Randy Marsh
Created by Randy Marsh
On May 19, 2016

This Cat has no formal dance training:

Although possibly in a previous life?


She is not a professional ballerina... Perhaps kitty spent too much time at home watching Black Swan.

Or like, just enough time, depending on how you feel about a Ballet dancing cat.


This graceful feline is known only as "Ballet Cat", which is obviously fitting. We're not sure what her real name is, but it should be Baryshnikov if it's not.

Look at that turn!


Such style! Such grace!

This Cat has perfect turnout!


We may not know who you are, Ballet Cat, but we know that you're fabulous. Never stop dancing!

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