How Big Data Can Influence Mobile App Development

The process of mobile app development and marketing can get a boost if big data is leveraged. Big data analytics can give rich insights into user behaviour etc.

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How Mobile App Development Can Be Influenced By Big Data  

What makes a mobile app tick?

That is one question the mobile app development services the world over try to crack each time an app goes into development. With more than 3 billion smartphone users and over 4 million mobile apps spread across different app stores (source:,) the need to find out what works and what doesn’t is an imperative one. Unless your app is developed to deliver exactly what the consumers want, then you risk your app getting drowned amidst a sea of anonymous apps that fade into oblivion each day.

In such a situation, big data can play a very important role in deciding the fate of a mobile app. By using advanced algorithms and targeted analytics, big data can give insights that can prove pivotal in the process of mobile app development.

But what is big data exactly, and how does it work? Let’s find out.

The Big Deal About Big Data in Mobile App Development

Whenever we go online, browse an eCommerce store or even read the news from an app, we are generating huge amounts of data. Over time, the total accumulation of these data items leads to the formation of humungous data sets. Such large data sets are known as big data. Careful analysis of these big data using specialized software tools is known as big data analytics.

But why is big data so important in mobile app development?

For starters, the process of big data analytics helps to reveal hidden patterns about user behaviors and preferences, which are otherwise near-impossible to discern using traditional techniques. By incorporating the insights revealed by big data, mobile application development services have the advantage of creating mobile apps that cater to customer needs in exactly the ways they want. The following lists some ways in which big data can help to improve the mobile app development process.

User-centric Development

At the end of the day, the user has the last word. No matter how many attractive features, advanced design methodologies or creative coding you put into developing an app, ultimately its fate is decided by the user. Using the insights drawn from big data, developers can gear their development effort towards the end-user. By understanding the exact user requirements and needs, app developers can benefit by being able to create and deploy apps that exactly cater to the target demographic.

Improved Personalization And User Experience

Big data not only tells you what your users want, but also how they are going to use it. Gleaning important statistics from vast pools of data items allows you (and your mobile app development agency) to conduct targeted user experience analysis. From such data, you can understand which parts of your app work best, which need to be changed and which are downright unnecessary. By carefully analyzing such data the app developers can deliver personalized user experiences that guarantee greater user engagement and retention.

Advanced Competitor Research

Big data takes competition analysis to a whole new level. In case your app is looking to gain entry into a niche which is already dominated by established players, big data analytics can help your app development efforts in a big way. Using big data, mobile app development services can successfully monitor and analyze apps similar to the one you plan to create. Such analysis can reveal which problems of the target demographic the existing apps are not yet solving. Then you can direct your development efforts in that direction and achieve success.

Real-Time Data Analysis

In the constantly updating market ecosystem of the digital age, you can either stay ahead or fall behind. Big data lets you perform real-time data analysis of various action areas; by providing you with a comprehensive view of changing trends and patterns, you are enabled to work in tandem with your mobile app development agency India and create apps that attract users, drive growth and enhance revenue.

Targeted Marketing

One of the biggest influences of big data in the mobile app development space has to be in the sphere of marketing. Big data analytics gives you detailed knowledge about user preferences, app usage, spending patterns and much, much more. By using these insights, your mobile app development services India can take better decisions regarding app marketing efforts. The presence of a well-researched, data-driven marketing strategy is a sure way to app success.

Final Words

As more and more mobile apps make their way into the app stores, the competition for gaining and retaining users is only going to intensify. The correct use of big data, coupled with solid analytics can allow your app to easily rise above the rest. So, should you want to build a dynamic mobile app that would appeal to your target customer and enhance your revenue, contact an experienced mobile app development agency India.

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