5 Moves That Will Keep You Focused While Working From Home

Or while doing nothing at home #QuarantineLife

Noam Gurevich
Created by Noam Gurevich
On Apr 21, 2020

Working from home turned out to be pretty cool, huh? Well, apparently sitting down for so many hours can be bad for your body and can make you lose focus. In order to keep that motivation going and protect your body, we found the top 5 stretches you should do every few hours that will make you feel much better. You know what khloe Kardashian always says: mind, body and soul.


Cow-Cat pose

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This stretch will help your lower back, shoulders and soul. It will help you feel more energetic yet relaxed. Just be prepared for some weird looks from other people in your household.


Wrist relief

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If you're working from home you probably use your computer quiet a lot, which means you're using a computer mouse. Using this device for many hours might cause an inflammation in your wrist. This exercise will reduce the tense in your hand and mind.


overhead stretch

This exercise might not solve any health issues, but it's a good old stretch routine that will make you feel instantly better. 


Lower back exercise

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This stretch is super important for a deeper level of lower back maintenance. Sitting for so many hours might make you bend your back, which can take a toll on your energy. Other than repeating this exercise, make sure you sit straight and you'll feel super focused in no time.


Low lunges

Listen, we know you probably hate lunges, but do we really need to explain why you need to move your legs more after so many days in quarantine? No, so just do it!

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