Our 12 Favorite Quotes from "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them"

Any Harry Potter fan can spout off quotes from the novels and films like it is their job. Since Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them has only been seen by select audiences and press around the globe, we figured that until you're able to see it, we would share with you our favorite quotes from the first film in the pentology (that means five, for the record).

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"Like a wind. Like a ghost." - No-Maj

In the opening sequence of the film, a No-Maj describes the terror they experience during a building destruction.


"Are you a Seeker?" "More of a Chaser." - Mary Lou Barebone and Newt Scamander

In Newt's first encounter with Mary Lou Barebone, this gem of a line is the first of many "Harry Potter" Easter eggs.


"Find the child, and we will all be free." - Percival Graves

Percival Graves intimidates Credence Barebone to help with his mission.


"Mr. Kowalski could do with a nighty-night." - Newt Scamander

1/4 of the quartet, our favorite No-Maj gets injured during the opening of the film and needs a rest. Don't worry, it's minor.


"New York is considerably more interesting than I expected." - Newt Scamander

As the dynamic duo of Newt and Jacob make their way to Central Park, Newt expresses how we feel every time we march down the streets of NYC.


"My philosophy is that worrying means you suffer twice." - Newt Scamander

Eddie Redmayne says this is his favorite line in the film, and sums up Newt to him best.


"Your mother was a wicked, unnatural woman." - Mary Lou Barebone to Modesty

Who is Modesty's mother? Maybe Movie 2 will reveal that tidbit...


"Try very hard not to be predictable." - Newt Scamander to Queenie and Jacob

One of the film's best action sequences starts out with this glorious line.


"You can control it, Credence." "I don't think I want to, Mr. Graves." - Percival Graves and Credence Barebone

If we told you, we would have to Obliviate you.


"Who does this law protect? Us... or them?" - Percival Graves

Graves is the ultimate Slytherin.


"Do you think you can hold me?" "We will do our best, Mr. Grindelwald." - Madam President to Gellert Grindelwald



"Shall we die just a little?" - Gellert Grindelwald

Who knows what this means?

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