What Type Of Bender Are You?

Find out which of the original four elements you can control based on your personality.

Created by Minahel
On Aug 4, 2020

What do you believe is your destiny?

Which place draws you most?

How do you handle stress?

How far would you go to help a stranger?

What's most important to you?

Revenge is...

How would you describe yourself in a word?

Which non-bender do you respect the most?

How would you respond to being betrayed?

Your reaction towards joining forces with the enemy would be?

Air Bender

Air Bender

You are an air bender. You are drawn to freedom. You are fun loving and free spirited and you always find a way to lighten the mood. You feel that helping others is a priority, yet you don't like being tied down.
Sometimes your trusting and adventurous nature can make you seem naive or restless, but you use these traits to make friends easily. People trust you. Above all you believe in second chances, change, and finding joy in life.
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Water Bender

Water Bender

You are a water bender. You are drawn to peace. You tend to be a very calm and reasonable person, but under threat you are fiercely protective of the things you love. Like the sea, you are unpredictable, yet you always bring people together and find hope. People look to you for help and inspiration.
Outwardly you are always cool and collected, but you usually have deep beliefs and passions. You usually have more faith in others than in yourself. Above all, you believe in finding the best in others, doing what's right, and love.
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Fire Bender

Fire Bender

You are a fire bender. You are drawn to ambition. You are a passionate and outgoing person. Contrastly, people sometimes see you as cold and uncaring. However, you tend to put up this barrier to keep from feeling vulnerable, or to make achieving your goals easier. You are the most emotional type of bender. The smallest things affect you the most, both negatively and positively.
Fire benders will spend their entire lives dedicated to one goal or dream, and won't stop until they see the benefits or pitfalls that result in their efforts. Sometimes you lose sight of what is important due to your determination. People count on you to keep them determined and dedicated. Above all, you believe in fulfilling your dreams, truly feeling life, and stopping at nothing.
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Earth Bender

Earth Bender

You are an earth bender. You are drawn to stability. You are a very balanced and rooted person. While people may sometimes see you as secretive or stubborn, you are a very diplomatic person. Even though you tend to stick with your beliefs, you have an open mind.
Earth benders are tough and don't let life throw them to the ground easily. Due to your ability to stay firm, you tend to be wise beyond your years, and give great advice. People look to you as their rock. Above all, you believe in trusting yourself, perseverance, and being whole.
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