Aircraft Air Conditioning Unit

Mike Lee
Created by Mike Lee
On Dec 14, 2018
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Keeping It Cool Up In The Air: Aircraft Air Conditioning Unit Work System

When you fly with an airline, you are looking forward to having an enjoyable experience, flying up in the sky with clouds surrounding you - definitely gives a surreal experience. And this view and experience also takes away your attention from the compactness of an airplane where you are travelling with roughly 150 people in a compacted room with limited walking space, roof area and so.

What we might not pay attention to is the various other airplane equipment that helps make the flight as comfortable as possible. There are not many breakthrough introductions in airplane travelling, but the airplane equipment manufacturing industry seems to be working on it.

Let us tread to how airplane air conditioning unit works and what importance it holds!

Many people have been seen asking this question and none seemed to know the exact answer. Here we are with what happens when you are sitting in an airplane, waiting for the takeoff that the air conditioning is turned off? At home as well, if you are facing voltage fluctuations or an erratic power supply, you may want to check on your appliances and possibly turn them off.

Same is the case with an aircraft air conditioning unit. When you are stranded in a delay on the runway, sitting in the plane, you might experience the air conditioner is turned off as the airplanes prefer to shut down their engines. There are many reasons behind it, which are apparently good practices. But this also depends on the ground power unit of the airplane if it can manage to support or keep an airplane air conditioning running. But the plane does not completely shut down its power system, it works on an AC power supply to keep its equipment running. But it depends plane to plane whether the APU of the ground power unit can essentially support running an airplane air conditioning unit or not.

Turning Off an engine helps save fuel and reduce emissions - this directly results in saving large sums on fuels and power while also reducing the chances to refuel a plane any time sooner. Of course, it is the duty of a pilot to save fuel as and where they can, provided jeopardising anything.

An APU (auxiliary power unit) can determine whether the plane can keep the air conditioning running when in stagnant mode (on a runway). If the plane is not able to produce enough APU, it would prefer not to spend its power on keep the air conditioning running especially when the engine is turned off.

When The Engines Are Off

When the engines of an airplane are off, you need to understand that there is no compressed air to give to the airplane air conditioning unit. The air conditioning unit has to make do with the in flight air which is stagnant. This might result in the air conditioning working at a low mode and not producing cool air for the cabin, resulting in slight humidity. As mentioned, many planes are able to support their air conditioning with ample APU.

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