13 Amazon Items That Are Actually Perfect For The Picky Person On Your Christmas List

EVERYONE will like these presents even the picky people on your list! What's more you can order them with a single click on Amazon. Woo!

Melissa Bamford
Created by Melissa Bamford
On Dec 12, 2019

A ukelele

Not the most obvious choice but everyone kinda secretly wishes they could play the ukulele plus it's a lot smaller than a guitar so you can take it anywhere. Grab this ukulele kit from Amazon for only 59.99!


A white noise machine

Sleep is in short supply these days and everyone seems to be complaining about restless sleep. A white noise machine is a great little gadget that drowns out outside noise and helps you fall asleep. Great for people who live in the city. Grab this one on Amazon for $36.


An essential oil diffuser

Diffusers are the new plug-in air fresheners. They use the natural scent of essential oils (not chemicals) to pump freshness into your air. If they don't already have one, they'll definitely love it! Grab this diffuser on Amazon for only $14. What a steal!


Instant Print Polaroid Camera

Remember...cameras? Nobody prints photos these days but I bet if we had an easy-to-use instant print camera, we'd get right back to it. And would you look at this - snap has done just that!


A Ryan Gosling pillow case

There is no girl on this planet who doesn't want a Ryan Gosling pillow. Get the Gosling fan in your life this beautiful pillow from Amazon for only $7.


A winter hat

If you really don't know what to get someone...buy one of these super simple, high quality North Face winter hats from Amazon for $25.


An automatic tea brewer

About 50% of all people drink tea which means there's a 50% chance that anyone on your list will love this tea maker! Get it on Amazon now to ship in time to the holidays.


An Amazon gift card

If you TRULY don't know what to get someone, they'll be eternally grateful if they opened an Amazon gift card wrapped in a pretty bow. This way, they can literally get WHATEVER they want.


A big bag of candy

Don't want to do a gift card? Boom: Big bag of candy. Done. This variety pack of candy from Amazon includes favourites like sour patch kids, Haribo, Swedish Fish and Starburst.


A 2020 day planner

Everyone could use a little organization in their life. Help your friend or family member get their life in order with a day planner from Amazon. There's a ton of different designs and sizes to choose from. This one is only $10!


A pair of headphones

Headphones are always breaking or getting misplaced. Get a pair of these high-quality SONY headphones from Amazon (now on sale at 50% off!) and give 'em something they'll actually use!


A toiletries bag

Everyone is always losing their toiletry bags! Pick up one of these cool Nike toiletry bag from Amazon for only $14 and fill it with some...toiletries!


A heated neck massager

Know someone who works at a computer all day? This heated neck massager will be their saving grace. It's only $50 on Amazon. A perfect gift for the cold season!