Fun with Airtracks

Why an Airtrack is my favorite gymnastic tool and how it helped me improve my gymnastic skills a lot.

Melanie Nielsen
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On Sep 18, 2019
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Training on the Airtrack

About 3 months ago I got my first Airtrack. I haven been an active gymnast for almost 5 years and did consider myself pretty good for one of my age. Since then I have been training always daily on my GymPlay Airtrack and it's been a blast. I bought it in a local Airtrack shop in Sweden and went with a 3 meter FlipZ model, which might have been a to small a model for my current skill.

The great part about an Airtrack is that it gives you a small boost to your jumps, so if you for instance are struggling with a difficult exercise you arn't quite good enough to do. The extra help you get from the Airtracks is often enough to help you complete the exercise and enables you to practice it over and over until you are good enough to also be able to do it without the Airtrack. This way you learn new techniques a lot faster and your skills will improve like crazy.

What I like the most about Airtrack training is that it's really hard for your body. You pulse skyrockets in no time and you really feel that you get a great workout, even in a relative short time span. It's way harder on the body than running 5 miles, and a lot more fun too.

Gymnastic training on the floor

You don't need an Airtrack for all types of training.

Choosing the right Airtrack

As I mentioned earlier I bought the small Airtrack FLipZ which is 3 meter long and 10 cm thick. It was a great beginner Air track, but right now I am beginning to feel it's a bit to short for my current level.
With some more length you can combine even more jumps and get more height and speed on the jumps which equals better training and more fun. When i bought the FlipZ I had saved up for more than a year, so I had wanted to buy a larger model, I would have to wait several more months to get one. I was probably a little too impatient, and should have waited until I could afford a larger one. But still, I had a lot of fun with this one, and learned a lot. So for most beginners, especially if you arn't a skilled gymnast, then a 3 meter model is often more than good enough for your needs.
For me it was good enough for 3 months, then I wanted to more length, and a little extra height woulnd't be bad either. So maybe I will try to see this one, and buy a used 5 meter model.

If you are looking for a good training program for Airtracks I have posted on here on - Airtrack home Training

Orange FlipZ - A good beginner Air track

My orange Airtrack FlipZ

How often do I train?

A lot of people ask me how much time I use on Airtracks, and the answer often surprise then. I can now do most of the various jumps on the Airtrack and even some more advances series, so many people think that I spend hours every day training. Jumping on Airtracks are really hard training, and not something you can do for hours, so in average I spend 30 til 45 minutes a day on the Air Track, and about 30 minutes warming up and stretching. This is enough to keep me strong and in really good shape. Sometimes I skip gymnastic training and go for a swim instead. It's nice to sometime use your body in a whole new way and I love to do different kinds of sports.

So for now I will try to save up some more money and within the next 3 months try to upgrade my Air track to a larger model. It doesn't have to be a new one, as long as it's in good quality and not to used.
Once I get the new one I will post some new videos with some ever crazier jumps, I can't wait.

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