The Coolest Subway Systems In The World, Ranked

Ranking the 10 cleanest, most efficient, and most beautiful metros

Martin Kaff
Created by Martin Kaff
On May 11, 2021

Have you ever gotten in a bus or metro in your city, cramped and uncomfortable, waiting too long, or smelling something foul, and thought, "I wonder if this could be better?"

If you've never been to London or Hong Kong, the idea of clean, efficient, WiFi-connected metro systems seems like science fiction, not real life.

We've all stared at a broken metro-station ceiling, or seen rats running around, could never imagine a train stop with centuries-old artwork or chandeliers. Well, rest assured, that perfect station is out there somewhere.

And, while no city is perfect, we've ranked what we think are the 10 absolute best subway systems in the world.

#10 - Madrid

#9 - Moscow

#8 - New York City

#7 - Berlin

#6 - Zurich

#5 - Paris

#4 - Tokyo

#3 - London

#2 - Hong Kong

#1 - Seoul