10 Things That You Know They Are There, But You Don't Really Know Why

Have you ever wondered why your jeans had that small pocket above the larger one? Or what's the deal with the hole in the airplane windows?

Martin Kaff
Created by Martin Kaff
On Mar 4, 2021

Life is full of mysteries, but not all mysteries keep us up at night. Some are just things we have around us, things we wear or use on a daily basis and we have never stopped and reflected: why are they there?

Some of these curious things are actually important to know and might be useful. So, in order to make your life easier, here are some answers to the 10 things you looked at and asked: what are they doing there?!

1 - That little hole in the airplane window

No need to panic, your plane (probably) will be just fine and the hole you just spotted in the window right after takeoff is NOT there for you to get some fresh air at 35,000 feet.

The little hole is actually there to balance the air pressure inside and outside the plane. The altitude changes affect the air pressure in the cabin and this little hole compensates for the difference in the air pressure.

Bonus fact: it also prevents the windows from fogging up. Bon Voyage!

2 - Those two holes on the sides of Converse shoes

Converse are not only always trendy, but they also have plenty of functional features.

Not only are the little holes there to keep your feet cool, but also to offer other options for tying your shoes.

3 - The arrow on the gas gauge

This one is for all the new drivers out there. We all went through this: you are running out of gas and finally spot a gas station. You pull in behind another car just to realize you have no idea what side your gas tank is.

No worries. You don’t need to do the walk of shame around your car to figure out where it is. You simply need to glance at the gas gauge and to find the little arrow that points you to it.

Drive safe!

4 - Not only for winter: Pom Pom hat

Personally, I haven’t bothered to take my Pom Pom hat off this winter. It’s the kind of piece of clothing everyone has and everyone adores. However, apparently it used to have other functions than just keeping your ears warm, and like anything that has to do with fashion, this was brought to us by the French.

Apparently, the French marines in the 18th century would wear the Pom Pom hats to cushion their heads from hitting the ship’s ceiling in the cabin. Ouch.

5 - The hole in the pot handle

This past year forced us all to stay home. Between quarantines and shut downs, we all found yourself spending lots of time in the kitchen. But how much do we actually know about our kitchen utensils?

We are here to provide some answers: the whole in the pot handle is actually there for a reason. It is used both to hand the pot or pan and can also be used as a holder for the kitchen utensils while cooking. We know, this one is mind blowing.

6 - The tiny buttons on jeans

Well, first of all they have a name. No, it is not “The little button on the jeans,” they are actually called “rivets.” 

But what are they there for? Well, in the past, they were used to protect the weak points in the pants’ structure when pants were made from canvas. Nowadays, it has just become a fashion thing.

7 - The “dip” in the bottom of wine bottle

“Punt,” actually, nice to meet you. The punt is there to help the wine stay chilled and resistant to high pressure. 

There is also a more functional aspect, and it’s to make the bottle easier to hold and pour. 

8 - The tiny jean pocket

Have you ever wondered why jeans have a little pocket right above (or sometimes inside) the regular “human” size pocket? Well, the reason for it is somewhat hilarious. 

When jeans were first designed, someone thought it would be a great idea to include a pocket for all these pocket watches people were carrying around at the time. This jean design became so popular that this ridiculous function stayed with us all the way to 2021.

9 - The hole in the iPhone

If you are reading this on an iPhone just flip your phone for a second and look around your camera. 

The tiny mysterious hole is there in all iPhones and has a very important role: it’s a microphone. It is there to make sure that every time you record yourself on TikTok or Reels, your voice will be crystal clear.

10 - Those blue bristles on your toothbrush

You use it everyday (we hope), but do you actually know what’s going on there? While you probably think the colored bristles on a toothbrush are there for design purposes, it is actually more than that. 

Apparently, if the blue color on the toothbrush bristles loses its color, that’s a sign that your toothbrush has come to the end of its life and it’s time for you to switch to a new toothbrush. 

And yes, this is your cue to go and check your toothbrush. You’re welcome.