These Nine Puns Will Make All Coffee Lovers Laugh!

And also want another cup of coffee pretty badly...

Logan Gray
Created by Logan Gray
On Jun 14, 2016

You know you're a coffee addict when they need to make up a whole new word for your morning routine..

*sings* "a whoollleee neeewww WORD!"


When good coffee goes bad...

Another pot doomed for the drain...


This should probably be my next tattoo. Or my next t-shirt. Or...both.

(coffee) Pot Heads of the World, UNITE! Brothers in caffeine, rise up!


Title of my next 80's hip hop album-

I like my coffee to be the color of my soul...a deep dark brown.


When your friends judge you for you Starbucks problem and you're all....

Make coffee! Not Hate!


This could literally be the name of your and your Espresso loving friends...

Seriously, give me your best shot. Now.


This may or may not be arousing to you...

Forget "may not". It is. It just is.


This might be two coffee beans, and it might just be you and a buddy, walking in to any coffee shop, anywhere.

Coolest beans, iced beans.


And coffee related humor always, ALWAYS makes you laugh.

Without coffee I'd be Latte every day!

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