Prince Harry Is On An Epic Mission To Save 500 Endangered Elephants!

The Prince traveled to Malawi to relocate the Elephants away from poachers

Logan Gray
Created by Logan Gray
On Jul 27, 2016

Prince Harry has traveled to Malawi to help with the most ambitious animal rescue mission ever; to relocate 500 endangered Elephants

A baby elephant being carefully placed into a containment unit so it can be relocated


The Prince is an experienced Pilot who has flown in combat, so his skills will come in incredibly handy with this mission

Prince Harry giving an Elephant a cuddle


The Prince will fly volunteers over the Elephants who will dart them from the air. Then the Elephants will be carefully transported 200 miles away to an Elephant sanctuary

A volunteer takes care of a baby Elephant


The aim is to rescue this species of Elephant from extinction due to poachers.

Prince Harry, taking care of an injured rhino


This will be Prince Harry's second summer in Africa working with NGO and animal rescues since he left the Army. Good luck Harry and everyone else involved in the project!

Prince Harry taking care of a rhino in Namibia last year