20 Reasons Why Once Upon a Time is the BEST

And the most confusing...

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Nobody's Perfect

But literally. Even Snow White has dark in her heart and everybody makes mistakes on this show, none of that fairytale nonsense! This is real life!


All magic comes with a price!

Literally the whole reason most people think magic is senseless is because you can just do whatever you want with it. We love how in this show you always have to pay for what you do.


The ships

We love all of the ships in this how and how they are complicated and they are all different and change from time to time. And who doesn't love their names?

OutlawQueen- Regina + Robin
CaptainSwan- Hook + Emma
RumBelle- Rumple + Belle
KristAnna- Kristoff + Anna
Snowing- Snow White + Prince Charming
SwanFire- Emma + Baelfire
SwanQueen- Emma + Regina (This one isn't real but people make it up)


Family Tree

If you think about it...
Henry has three grandma's: Cora, Snow White, Belle. One of his moms is the evil queen and the other is the savior. He was kidnapped by people working for his great-grandfather, Peter Pan, the father of his grandfather, Rumpelstiltskin who married his grandma, Belle. Rumpelstiltskin had Henry's dad with Milah, who left him for Captain Hook, and died, so now Hook is dating Henry's mom, Emma, the savior, and the daughter of Henry's grandparents, Snow White and Prince Charming. Not to mention due to marriage, Henry's adoptive mom, Regina, is also his great-grandmother because she married into Snow White's family, who is, that's right, Henry's grandmother. Making his third grandmother (through adoption), Cora, his great-great-grandmother through marriage along with his grandmother through adoption.

And didn't we just love when they all switched places in (4x22) Heroes and Villains?


The storyline

Lets face it: curse after curse, the story line is confusing. BUT THAT'S WHY ITS THE BOMB. Going in between the different worlds is so much fun. And don't we all just love when they lose their memories and don't know what's going on?


Modern Day references with past time characters

"wanna go home and see whats on Netflix"
"they made a movie about you"
"lets go watch the security tapes"

Its times like these where the comedy of the show comes out.



Don't deny it

You just love Hook and Peter Pan's guyliner


Robbie Kay

Future Husband lol

But really like 98% of people are in love with him and like 2% or people are insane and visually impaired

No offense


Colin O'donoghue

Hooked on him

But legit


Jared Gilmore's transition

puberty hit him like a TRUCK


Connection to Disney

Especially in the Frozen season, Once has a connection to Disney. Everything is (mostly) from Disney stories and Disney fairy tales with Disney princesses.


Time Frames

OUAT constantly has flashbacks to old time periods without explanation and we love how you have to figure out when the flashback takes place.



The fandom we have is so complex and the ships all have their own fandom and we love how the OUAT fandom is linked to the Disney Fandom because most of the Disney characters are in OUAT.


OUAT memes

These are the best


The different sides to characters

I love how each character has a modern side/style and a old fairytale side/style. For instance Rumple's deary voice isn't in the modern world but it is in the Enchanted Forest.



I know I already said the ships but OutlawQueen is my favorite (even though Zelena is pregnant and he's with "Marian")



It is so cool if you ask me. (some people hate it idk why ;)...)



Magic is legit the best! Also, the whole believing in yourself was an important part of the story line and I think that is amazing.


Cinnamon in your hot cocoa

It gives us Oncers another great reference! (PS I don't drink hot chocolate without it anymore)


It teaches us many important lessons

Family is most important
Sacrifice for ones you love
Love is the most powerful magic of all
All magic comes with a price
Nobody is Perfect
If you do terrible things it catches up with you
Don't drink hot chocolate without cinnamon
You're parents always want the best in you
Peter Pan never fails (psych)
Watch Season 5 of OUAT in the fall lol

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