Your 'That Girl' Morning Routine Will Reveal What Type of Student You Were

Morning rituals are EVERYTHING and can seriously prep your day!

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Jan 20, 2024
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Do you stick with a morning routine? Wake up, coffee, shower, then breakfast? Maybe yours is a bit more complicated and involves some hot water with lemon and an iced latte with a glass straw, #thatgirl style... Take us through your morning ritual and we'll accurately guess what type of student you were (or are)!

>> Are You a Chirpy Morning Person or a Night Owl?

What do you do when you first wake up?

What do you do next?

What drink do you make in the morning?

What do you do while you drink it?

What do you make for breakfast?

What playlist do you listen to while you get ready?

What workout do you do?

What shoes do you like to wear most?

What do you pack in your bag?

What's your preferred mode of transportation?

You seem like you were definitely an academic achiever!

You seem like you were definitely an academic achiever!

You never understood why other students thought school was so hard. Maybe it's becuse you would fly through your subjects like a breeze and get top grades. To you, school is important a n d you always took it seriously, you didn't have a lot of time for friends and parties, but you did have time for your classes ! That's why you're an Academic Achiever!

Hmmm... Were you the troublemaker?!

Hmmm... Were you the troublemaker?!

You didn't get why school was so important, and you mostly took this out on your teachers. You threw things at the chalkboard, chewed gum in class, and would make remarks during class. Oh boy...

You were certainly the teacher's pet!

You were certainly the teacher's pet!

You were the teacher's favorite and possibly let this go to your head. You couldn't help being a perfect student, it was just who you were. You even stayed after class to help the teacher clean up and clear the chalkboard . Of course, it didn't matter if the other students resented you , you had "the power!"

What's a must of your morning routine?

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