Your Favorite Unpopular Foods Will Tell Us Your Future Career

These are either the best or worst foods, you decide! emoji

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Feb 8, 2024
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Do you weirdly love veggies? Have a thing for onions? Do anchovies make you hungry? Sometimes the best foods, or your favorite foods, are totally unpopular. Choose the foods that you would definitely eat or that you'd be down to try out, and we'll reveal which career matches up with your personality!

>> What Your Favorite Weird Food Combos Say About Your Personality

Which breakfast food would you eat?

Which unpopular food would you actually love to eat?

Which of the following foods would you eat?

Choose an unpopular lunch food you'd try:

Which food would you actually like to eat?

Which unpopular food would you say yes to?

Whch unpopular food do you see yourself actually liking?

Which unpopular dinner food would you eat?

What about from the following? Choose one:

Which unpopular dessert food would you eat?



Have you considered being a lawyer!? You seem to be good at mediating situations, and you have a balanced outlook on life. You may have thrived in debates and are a really good communicator! Why not give law school a try!

Primary School Teacher

Primary School Teacher

Teaching is your forte. When you talk, kids tend to listen. You are passionate about learning and curious about a wide variety of things! Also the thought of being around kids all day energizes you as opposed to drains you.

Children's Book Author

Children's Book Author

You have an active imagination and you relate to kids! This means you could be a great children's book author and publish your own titles! Being a writer takes skill and you're already half way there!

Which unpopular drink would you be down to try?

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