What Type of a Nerd Are You?

It has never been a cooler time to be a nerd like now, but what defines your geekdom? Is it D&D? Comics? Video Games? Take this quiz to find out!

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Aug 19, 2021

Choose a mythological creature:

Choose a snack:

Choose a dice:

Choose a bird:

Choose a letter:

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What were you doing 10 minutes ago?

What subject were you good at in school?

What item is closest to you right now?

Choose a video game:

Your nerd factor is...D&D!

Your nerd factor is...D&D!

Dragons, elves and wizards are just your thing. You like getting lost in worlds of fantasy and even building your own!

Your nerd factor is...Video Games!

Your nerd factor is...Video Games!

A video game nerd you shall be. It's easy for you to spend hours online or in front of the tv gaming. You have all the equipment, headsets and extensions for the optimal gaming experience.

Your nerd factor is...Comic-Con!

Your nerd factor is...Comic-Con!

Honestly, you don't know what life would be without Comic-Con. It's the most exciting thing you can think of happening in 3D reality. Cosplaying with your friends and meeting all of your fictional heroes? Sign me up please!