Rate These Weird Snack Combos and We'll Judge How Nice You Are

How nice are you... REALLY? emoji

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Feb 6, 2024
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Your friends all think that you're mister or miss nice, but really, how nice are you? We want to know which snack combos you like best and yeah, we got pretty weird about it. If you like pickles and marshmallows, are you nicer than if you like ketchup and rice? Let's find out!

>> Which Summer Snack Best Describes Your Personality?

Would you eat cottage cheese and salsa dip?

Would you eat peanut butter and pickles?

What about a peanut butter sandwich and chili?

Cooked instant ramen with plain yogurt?

French fries and ice cream?

Banana on pizza?

Peanut butter, jelly and cheetos?

Ice Cream and olive oil?

Pineapple and chili?

Would you eat a mayonnaise and potato chip sandwich?

You are nice, but only when you feel like it.

You are nice, but only when you feel like it.

You can't be nice all the time, so you tend to save your "niceties" to a select few. Everyone else gets your unimpressed side.

You are nice once people get to know you!

You are nice once people get to know you!

Ok you are nice, but you only really show it once you get to know someone more deeply. It doesn't mean that you're ignoring them or don't like them, you tend to be shy and won't open up to people unless you have all the deets!

You are incredibly nice to everyone!

You are incredibly nice to everyone!

What a sweetie pie. You aren't afraid to give people compliments, help people, and give them the benefit of the doubt. You tend to give people a lot of chances and people view you as a friendly well-meaning person.

Which snack would you choose to eat before going to sleep?

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