Only 10% Of GenZ Can Get 100% On This Psychology Test

Psychology is a science that not everyone has mastered. Do you know the answers to these basic psychology questions?

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Apr 15, 2023
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Psychology involves studying peoples' personalities and behaviors and how they work together. It can help people gain awareness of their behaviors so they can navigate their lives! Psychology can be really awesome, but not everyone is a master at it. Can you answer these tricky questions?

>> Are You a Type X or Type Y Person? <<

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Which test uses ink blots to reveal aspects of people's personalities?

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Who founded psychoanalysis?

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The opposite of a pessimist is...

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What is the study of how people learn?

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Ivan Pavlov conducted experiments using what animals?

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What is BPD?

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What is ASD?

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What does ACT-R stand for?

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What does Maslow's theory refer to?

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What does psychodynamic theory look at?

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What stream of psychology are you best at?

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