Are You a Type X or Type Y Person?

Take this unique psychological test.

Andrew Campbell
Created by Andrew Campbell
On Sep 20, 2022

A recent study defined Type X as a typical go-getter: determined, prearranged and impatient, while Type Y was defined as composed and collected with lower stress levels.

Which psychological type are you? Let’s find out.

Do you enjoy solitary walks?

Objective criticism is usually:

Do you follow a daily schedule?

You tend to trust:

The better rank in a team is usually:

You tend to rely on:

Are you quick to understand mathematics?

Do you engage in physical exercise on a daily basis?

Do you get chores done right away?

How often do you find yourself reflecting on things?

How often are you late for appointments?

How often do people interrupt you when you talk?

How often do you feel you need to get away?

How often do you worry about the future?

How often do you find yourself doing something adventurous?

How often do you find yourself standing firmly by your principles?

Type X

Type X

You are: Type X.

You are a go-getter. You are determined, prearranged, and impatient. You are most likely a workaholic. You are an efficient time manager, and you tend to push yourself with deadlines. You have zero tolerance for interruptions, delays, inconsistency, ineptitude, and stupidity.

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Type Y

Type Y

You are: Type Y.

You are composed and collected. You live at lower stress levels. You work steadily, enjoy day-to-day achievements, and have an unconscious tendency to disregard physical or mental stress when goals are not realized. When faced with competition, you do not focus on winning. You like to take your time, enjoy the moment, and create special bonds. You are reflective, faithful, and you enjoy exploring big questions and concepts. You have a sharp awareness of your surroundings, and are attracted to writing, acting, music, photography, and psychology. You are most likely an introvert.

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