How You Order Pizza Will Determine Your Absolute Best Quality 

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Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Jan 20, 2024
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The pressure is on when you dial that number or enter your address on apps like DoorDash UberEats. What kind of pizza will you order? Will you add any sides? What about toppings? What kind of crust do you prefer? Ordering your perfect pizza will reveal to us your absolute best personality trait!

>> Which Pizza Topping Matches Your Personality Best?

What type of crust do you choose?

What sauce do you prefer?

What is your first topping you choose?

What is your second topping?

Third topping?

Which cheese do you prefer?

How do you want your pizza cooked?

What sides do you add?

What dessert sides would you order?

What drink do you order with your pizza?

Your best quality is...your creativity!

Your best quality is...your creativity!

Being creative is your greatest strength! It's like you have a million ideas buzzing in your head at any given moment. Your ideas make you shine and everyone loves you for them!

Your best quality is...your intelligence!

Your best quality is...your intelligence!

It's official, you are freaking smart and everyone appreciates it. You are like a walking, talking Wiki page and can connect the dots like a genius! You use your intelligence to help those around you and always start the best, most interesting conversations.

Your best quality is...your sense of humor!

Your best quality is...your sense of humor!

Let's just admit are flipping funny! Jokes just appear in your head and your personality is like a never ending stand up comedy routine! People love being around you because you don't take life too seriously and see the lighter side of things.

What odd pizza topping would you be down to try?

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