Which Pizza Topping Matches Your Personality Best? 

It's pizza time, which topping describes your best? Take this quick quiz to find out!

Victoria Hicks
Created by Victoria Hicks
On Jan 26, 2023
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Did you know pepperoni is the most consumed pizza topping - about 251 million pounds of this delicious meat is eaten yearly! Which pizza topping would you say is your favorite and do you think it matches your personality? We think we're more of a "spinach"! 🧐 Jump into this fun quiz to learn which topping matches who you are!

Pick a major pizza chain that you connect with:

How many times have you fallen asleep during a movie?

Which of these images best describes you and your best friend?

How often do you have pizza?

Do you make your bed after you wake up?

When you're upset with someone, where do you go to cool off?

Your friend invites you out with some people you aren't familiar with. You would be...

How do you prefer to talk to your significant other during a busy week?

Are you typically the first one out of work or the last one to leave?

Pick a pizza that you'd likely share with someone?



There's nothing wrong with a classic, plain pizza! You're not predictable, but rather reliable and pretty confident with your decisions. You don't need all of the fancy things in life to be content! Sometimes you may worry about what other people think - stay focused and don't be afraid to try new things if they come along! Share your results with a cheese pizza lover. :)



You are a bit sensitive, but that doesn't mean you go around crying or don't have a handle on your emotions all the time. You like to keep things fresh and enjoy trying new things as long as you have a companion by your side. Sometimes you hold your cards close to your chest, open up to someone you're comfortable with one day and see what happens. Share your results with a Veggie Lovers Pizza fan!

Pineapples (Or other fruits)

Pineapples (Or other fruits)

You're as laid-back and quirky as they come! You could care less about what people think about you. You're not arrogant, but just comfortable in your own skin and with where you are in life. Share your results with someone who hates pineapple on pizza!

Pepperoni (or other meats)

Pepperoni (or other meats)

You care and love deeply for those close to you! You have a big heart and tend to avoid drama. You're easy-going and fun - people enjoy your energy and company! Share your results with a fellow Meat Lovers fan.

Is pepperoni an overrated topping?

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