How Many Of These Weird Human Things Do You Do?

Humans are strange many of these weird, non-sensical, sometimes embarrassing human things do you do?

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Feb 28, 2020

How many weird human things do you do?

You may be shocked or you may think, me too! Let's take a moment and go over all of the totally strange things humans do.


Having brain farts

Ever walk into a room and wonder why you're there? Brain farts happen all the time to humans and can be a cause for frustration. But hey, we're only human!


Thinking about dying

No, you're not the only one who thinks about dying. Apparently it's because our brains are so sophisticated that we can't help but think about the terrifyingly sophisticated thought of being run over by a car.



Hiccups have no biological purpose, yet humans hiccup everyday, all the time!


Zoning out

Humans spend about 13% of their day zoned out, it's true! Zoning out is incredibly relaxing and can reboot your mind for the next task.


Lucid Dreaming

Some of us can do this and some of us can't, but it's hella weird isn't it! Lucid dreaming is becoming aware of your dream as you are dreaming. Some humans have even harnessed the power of lucid dreaming and can fly, or create objects in their own consciousness. Weird!


Thinking monsters are chasing you up the basement stairs

This doesn't make total sense, but some humans believe that monsters exist and that they are chasing them up the basement stairs. This can cause great alarm, but it is just another weird thing humans do.


Directing music videos in your head

Sometimes you just get lost in the tunes and you need to direct a full length music video starring yourself.


Thinking you might accidentally jump off a tower when you're at the top

We have fleeting thoughts when we're at a high altitude that we might jump off. This is just the fear of heights talkin' but it's still scary as heck!


Talking to people like your crush/ex/friends without them being there

Sometimes you need to stage fictional conversations with people to prepare for when you actually talk to them. It's strange but it's also good for boredom.


Mentally planning out escape routes

Just in case that creepy Uber driver is gonna pull something funny.


Walking around as if you're a spy or detective and imagining the back stories of people around you

Life can get a little boring so humans sometimes get in this zone where we imagine we are CSI cops and play out narratives in our head about the people around us. It is weird, but sometimes, you just gotta spy.


Pretending you're an action hero when you're out for a run

You get to a part of your run where you just have to turbo your way forward. This includes hopping over fire hydrants, dodging strollers and generally running like a super hero. Running is only fun if you're also chasing Lex Luther.


Lying to people, just cause

So I'm an acting agent from L.A. What's a little white lie? Besides I'll never talk to this person again.


What do you think? How many of these weird human things do you do? Share in the comments below.