Eat Some Diner Food and We'll Reveal Your Next Big Decision

Who knew that diner food can help you decide something really important! Take this quiz to make your next big decision.

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Mar 5, 2023
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What should you do next in your life: Move to another city? Take the next step in your relationship, or make that career move? Choose your favorite scrumptious diner meals and we'll take the pressure off and decide it for you,

Which of these diner meals would you want to eat TODAY?

What diner meal looks the most scrumptious?

Which diner meal looks the best to you?

What meal would you nom right now?

Which diner meal would you totally devour right now?

What diner meal is your favorite?

Which meal looks the most appealing to you?

What diner meal do you think would have you wanting more?

Which diner meal would you eat most of?

What diner meal is definitelyyy calling your name?

You should...make that career move.

You should...make that career move.

Some people change careers 3-4 times in their lives and it's a very normal process. This is a great time to change your career if you so choose. Think of what you're truly passionate about, your skills, talents, and what you want to contribute to the world. What will you switch to?

You should...level up in your relationship.

You should...level up in your relationship.

If you're already in a relationship, you should consider leveling up and taking the next step. Maybe this is moving in together, taking things more seriously, or meeting the 'rents. If you aren't in a relationship, take this as a sign to start dating if you feel ready.

You should...move to another city or place.

You should...move to another city or place.

Your time in your current place is up and you should make the move you've always wanted to. Changing your environment can have positive effects on your life and you'll never know until you take the leap!

Which diner drink would you guzzle down first?

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