Attractiveness Test: How Attractive Are You on a Scale of 1-10?

Are you a 3, 5, 8, 10? Take this attractiveness test to find out...

Amanda Simmons
Created by Amanda Simmons
On Aug 18, 2023

While many don't want to admit they've researched this... We've got to let you all in on a little secret: Many of you asked us for an attractiveness test, and we've delivered.

Now, the tricky part is: Attraction comes in all forms. Of course, we can all agree that there's physical attraction and emotional attraction. Both usually of great importance in an intimate relationship, though one typically stronger than the other. In this attractiveness test, we'll be focusing on physical attraction (something hard to discuss on a personal level, but one that you're all seemingly veryyyy interested in).

So, what is most attractive to you? Is it eye contact? The way someone speaks? How fit someone is? Or, perhaps, the color of the hair on their head?

Take a couple minutes to answer just 8 questions down below and see how attractive you are! And, as always, remember that this is just a quiz. Everyone is beautiful in their own ways emoji

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What do you usually order at a coffee shop?

What type of environment did you grow up in?

How often do you wash your hair?

How many times per year do you get asked out on a date?

Which of these guys is most attractive to you?

Which of these women is most attractive to you?

What happens when you walk down the street?

How many romantic partners have you had?

You're a 1

You're a 1

Yikes. Sorry to break it to you...but there are definitely some wild creatures out there who are more attractive than you. It's okay, your personality is what's most important, and if that's attractive.. Nothing else matters!

You're a 4

You're a 4

You do ok for yourself. You're not super attractive, but also not super ugly. People tend to like you the most for your personality... And that's OK, right?

You're a 7

You're a 7

You do pretty good for yourself. People will tend to look your way and though you're not super attractive to everyone, you do pretty well in your respective social circle.

You're a 10

You're a 10

You're like...model hot. Everywhere you go, people approach you and treat you nicely. It can be a bit tiring, but you're secretly super happy you get to live this kinda life.

Which of these celebs do you find most attractive?

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