Can You Correctly Solve These Wintery Riddles?

Since we're in the midst of winter... Let's see if you can solve these winter-themed riddles!

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Jan 11, 2024
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Winter can be puzzling, let's see if you can solve these wintery riddles.

Hint: The answers are quite chilly! If you are truly in touch with winter, then you will be able to solve these riddles no problem! Let's dive into the winter season with this frosty quiz!

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I'm cold and delicate, a symbol of the season,
I fall from the sky with a unique reason.

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I'm not alive, yet I dance in the cold,
I come in layers, white, and sometimes bold.
Children love to slide down my slippery side,
What am I, on a hill, a winter ride?

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I'm a garment for the snow, cozy and warm,
Wrapped around your neck in a fashionable form.

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I'm made of ice, a magical display,
Hanging from rooftops, glistening in the day.

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Glide across my surface with joy and grace,
What am I, a place for a frosty embrace?

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I'm cold and bright,
Blanketing the world in a blanket of white.

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I'm a cozy shelter in the snowy night,
With warmth inside, it's a comforting sight.

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I'm a vegetable with a wintery twist,
Roasted or mashed, a savory dish?
What am I, orange and sweet, oh so great?

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I'm a creature, furry and white,
Blending with snow, disappearing from sight.

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I'm a festive plant, with red and green,
A symbol of the season, often seen.

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