Eat Desserts All Day and We'll Guess Your Profession

What would you eat throughout an entire day full of sweets?

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Mar 5, 2024
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Could you eat desserts all day long? We know we would start with chocolate cake for breakfast, tiramisu for lunch, and of course, cheesecake for dinner. What do you think? Tell us what desserts you'd eat throughout the day and we'll guess what field your profession is in. Just a warning... The results are freaky!

>> These 7 Questions Will Reveal What Chocolate Dessert You're Most Like

There's leftover dessert in the fridge, which one do you eat for breakfast?

Your friend brings over a dessert for you both to eat, which is it?

You go out to a cafe, which dessert do you choose from the counter?

You are getting hungry, why not eat dessert for lunch? Which do you choose?

What dessert do you have or an afternoon snack?

What dessert would you sneak out of the fridge?

A sugar craving hits! ...What dessert are you having for dinner?

What dessert are you choosing after dinner as a small sweet treat?

What dessert would you have for... well... DESSERT?

What about a dessert for your dessert?

Your profession is definitely in Health Care!

Your profession is definitely in Health Care!

You are compassionate, intelligent, and care about humanity. You are a busybody and like to help people while you discover new things! As a scientifically minded person, you keep organized and like to work in a group.

Your profession is in the Arts!

Your profession is in the Arts!

Your life is lived in technicolor! You have a creative and imaginative mind and always have a project on the back burner. You are drawn to all things artistic and friends describe you as care-free and free-spirited.

Your profession is in Education!

Your profession is in Education!

You are a natural at explaining concepts and encouraging others to learn! You love to discover new things on a daily basis and are passionate about helping others. Students love you! And you have a positive spirit that you can't help but share!

What is a must-add for your dessert?

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