13 Hilarious Things Students and Profs Are Doing In Their Online Classes

Despite not being able to meet up in person, these profs and students are making the best of online classes!

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Sep 1, 2020

When all these students managed to pull this off:

What coordination! What grace!


When students got a little crazy with the zoom backgrounds:

Cole Sprouse is in the HOUSE!


This professor really knows how to show up:

It's surprising how much you can learn from these rodents.


So does this one:

Even Darth Vader is all up in the online learning.


This prof is making the best of his relaxing paradise:

twitter embed goes here!

Ahhh, the power of zoom backgrounds...


This prof's pre-class warning:

I'm sure we can all relate, dogs just love Zoom!


Staring at the camera in online classes:

There's just lots of waiting...


Showing off my dog to my prof in online classes:

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Nevermind linear algebra, look at my dog!


How art majors take online classes:

Instead of Zoom, it's iPad Drawing App all the way.


So many emails:

There are also the follow up emails to the previous emails to check in with how everyone's doing.


Pretend my webcam froze so I don't have to participate:

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Just don't move...a muscle...


What an eclectic bunch:

You never noticed how different everyone was until they were side by side.


Getting drunk during online classes:

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And if you put it in a pop can, they think you're drinking soda!


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