13 Disney Characters Transform Into Humans

Ever wanted to know what your favorite Disney characters would like as humans? Well wonder no longer, because here we have artists' renditions of Disney characters as humans!

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On May 1, 2020

Lady and the Tramp:

Lady and Tramp transform into their human counterparts. It's exactly how I'd picture it! A rough and tumble guy meeting a prim and proper girl.


Simba and Nala:

This is almost too perfect. Manes become manes of hair and Simba's expression is spot on!


Nick and Judy:

Just and Nick the Bunny and Fox become Judy and Nick the humans! I Iove Judy's ponytail, and Nick's expression is spot on!


John Smith:

This one probably took a bit more. But man oh man is it ever detailed! The bone structure and features on John Smith's face are uncanny!


Simba, Pumbaa and Timon:

Who doesn't love the Hakuna Matata musical number in The Lion King. These characters are personified complete with incredibly designed outfits! I'm a fan of Simba's princely swinging skirt!


Duchess and O'Malley:

The Aristocats is not the most popular Disney movie, but who doesn't love the unlikely pair of Duchess and O'Malley.


Lola Bunny

Lola Bunny is as cool as they come, plus she can really sink a basket!If she was a human, she'd look something like this.


Percy and Meeko

How adorable! Percy and Meeko are the unlikely pair that become friends in Pocahontas. Meeko crazy about biscuits and Percy has his reservations...


Beguira and Baloo:

Beguira and Baloo are appointed to look after Mowgli. Beguira is more serious while Baloo is as laid back as they come. I'm amazed at how they captured Beguira's reserved, protective spirit.


Hyenas from the Lion King:

These hyenas used to scare the heck out of me as a kid! And they're just as scary in human form!


Oliver and Dodger:

Oliver is a cat orphan in Oliver and Company, a take on Oliver Twist. Dodger is showing him the ways of NYC! They've captured Oliver's innocence to a tee!



This makes me so happy! Sebastian as a human and a musical conductor at that. Sebastian is a fanciful and elegant character and this outfit matches his personality just right!


Donald and Daisy:

It's amazing how this artist captured the small details like the tufts of feathers and posture to represent Donald and Daisy! I also love the choice of 1930's clothes which is when these characters were first introduced!

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