Connie Jordan of Las Vegas Talks Motivation: The Key to Extra Zing

Lauren Daniels
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Connie Jordan of Las Vegas Talks Motivation: The Key to Extra Zing

Is your energy low? If so, the chances are you also lack motivation. Energy and motivation go together; when you lack one, similarly, you lack the other. Your mind; what you think, fuels your enthusiasm. Consequently, if you entertain negative thoughts repeatedly, lethargy will reign. 

According to Connie Jordan, a Las Vegas professional life, career and executive coach at Anchor Adversity, to get back on track, you need to think positively.
Increase energy
Positive thoughts lift your spirit, making you light and optimistic. When in a buoyant frame of mind, the world has a rosy glow; you have a perspective that seeks happiness. With a sunny outlook, you are ready to take on challenges and your energy soars. 
Your motivation to succeed peaks because you feel you can do anything. At other times, when your mood is low, the opposite is true; you don't have the incentive or inspiration to keep moving toward your goals.
Positive thinking
To regain your motivation, gradually raise your emotions toward positivity. You may not feel able to reach full-on joy because it seems too far away, but aiming for relief might be on your radar. For instance, if you are blue, you could work on increasing reassuring thoughts. 
Perhaps, you would find comfort in statements that soothe. When you are worried about meeting a deadline, helpful ideas could be; "I've successfully met deadlines before, so, I can do so again," and "I am fast and efficient because I know what I'm doing."
Once you've moved closer to a joyful mindset, you might take another step, inching your way even nearer. With the example used about managing a deadline, your next thought might be "sometimes I've found challenges exciting. Maybe I can think of this goal as a way of stretching my skills. The idea of edging out of my comfort zone, just a little, stirs my motivation to carry out tasks." Easing thoughts toward a lighter perspective will aid enthusiasm and energy.
When you lack motivation, you can be sure you also need more zest. Your mental stamina stems from your outlook, which comes from what you think. Additionally, the subjects you think about the most influence your disposition. 
If you want higher energy, consider what's on your mind. Is your self-talk pessimistic? Can you soothe your state of mind with comforting thoughts? The answer is always yes since you have control over what you think.
There will be occasions when your energy and motivation drop, but you have the power to take charge and feel better. Lift your emotions and improve your will to succeed with energy-boosting thoughts.

About Connie Jordan: With more than 15 years of experience in education development in communities such as Las Vegas, Connie Jordan has worked on several valuable projects including the establishment of charter schools in both Arizona and Nevada. Demonstrating excellent marketing strategies, she is also responsible for the establishment of new campuses and a heightened awareness of public charter schools as a “parent choice” option for educational excellence. Her expertise and commitment gained her recognition for building expansion and increased enrollment to over 1,000 students.

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