Personality Quiz: Are You Depressed or Just Sad?

If you ever sit there and think, "why am I depressed?", then this quiz may be for you. 

Kay Lee
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On Sep 12, 2022
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We go through tons of emotions in our lifetime; heck... most of us will go through tons of emotions in a DAY. Many times we'll find ourselves saying, "I am depressed" or find others asking: "well, how sad are you, really?" In this quiz, we'll try to help you find out how sad you are and if you're depressed.

While this "Why am I depressed quiz" will dive into your emotions and ask questions that should reveal some of your current or latest feelings, we are not trained medical professionals. We are not doctors, therapists, psychologists or any of the like. However, if this quiz reveals that you may be depressed (or if you determine yourself to be feeling depressed), we do highly encourage you to speak with your doctor right away. There are treatment options out there and people to talk to who can help you with whatever you are going through, even if it feels like you may be alone.

Have you been feeling sad and lonely lately?

How have you been sleeping lately?

Do you feel worthless?

When was the last time that you cried?

Have you been losing/gaining weight recently? (Not dieting)

Have you ever thought about hurting yourself?

How about your concentration? How has that been lately?

Have you been thinking/moving slower or faster in recent days?

Do you feel that the world is a good place?

Have your family or friends mentioned anything to you about you acting differently then normal?

What do you think about at night?

You're done! What do you think you'll get?

Just Sad

Just Sad

You are just sad. I am happy to tell you that we do not feel that you suffer from depression. You are simply feeling down in the dumps. Maybe recently something that made a large impact on you, such as a person close to you dying, happened. You will probably grow and move past this, but if you start to feel worse, you may be moving into depression.

Minor Depression

Minor Depression

You have minor depression. This depression is not as strong as moderate or major depression but can be just as sad and impactful. I advise you to go see your doctor, talk to your family and friends, and work it out. You've got this!

Moderate Depression

Moderate Depression

You have moderate depression. This means that you may be having harmful thoughts! Please go see your doctor right away, and talk to your family and friends about it. I assure you that they will understand. They are your largest hope and support system to seeing the light and feeling happy again. I know that that sounds very fake right now, but they are willing to help. Remember that.

Major Depression

Major Depression

According to this quiz, you have major depression. Please, please, see your doctor or a trained medical professional right away. You are having harmful thoughts, and that is not good. You are an amazing person, and many people love you. You just can't see this right now because your brain's hurtful thoughts are overpowering. Go talk to some friends and family about this. Remember: You are not worthless. You are meant to be here. You are a beautiful soul, an amazing human being, and deserve to see the light you bring to others. Please reach out for help accordingly.

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