9 Game Of Thrones Fan Theories That Are Making All Of Us Freak Out

The final season of Game of Thrones is upon us - but what's going to happen!? Fans have been throwing out theories for years and it's all going to come to a head. Here are the top theories that are making us squirm in our seats for the final season!

Kate Thomas
Created by Kate Thomas
On May 7, 2019
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Jon Snow will die in the end

In season seven, Missandei points out that the Azor Ahai makes no reference to gender when it mentions the "Prince The Was Promised" - meaning Daenerys could be the Lord of Light - then making Jon Snow the obvious one to sacrifice himself in the end.


Dany will be the night queen

According to some fans, Daenerys Targaryen's eyes glows blue for a brief second in the scene when she exited the "House of the Undying", hinting that she might be revealed as the legendary "Night Queen" (who's known to have pale blue eyes, pale skin and white hair) at the end of the final season.


Jon Snow will ride a dragon at last

In the trailer for season 8 we see Jon and Daenerys approaching her dragons. We know now that Jon has the ability to ride a dragon since he's a Targaryen...will it finally happen? We think...yes. And hey - if you've been watching each episode - you know this one has already come true! So which other theoreis will?


Sansa is carrying Ramsay's baby

We kinda hope this isn't true, but some fans think Sansa will be giving birth to Ramsay's baby because of whatt she said in a previous season: "I can still feel it" as she thinks back to her relations with him. Feel what?...a kick? Hmmm...


Sam will be revealed as the "Prince That Was Promised"

Sam could very well be the "Prince That Was Promised". Some fans think that he's actually the son of Rhaegar and Elia Martel who are Targaryens.


Ned Stark is still alive

Some fans believe that Ned was replaced with an imposter before his head was severed off and placed on a stake. Entertainment Weekly also reported that they saw many characters on the set of season 8's Game of Thrones that they definitely weren't expecting to see.


Tyrion is the Prince That Was Promised

According to the legend, Azor Ahai "will be born amidst the salt and smoke to wake the dragons out of stone" and Tyrion was kinda...metaphorically reborn wasn't he?


Arya will kill Cersei

Arya specifically trains in sword-fighting with her left hand. Why? Some people say that she will take on Cerise's brother's identity who lost his right hand to kill her. Far-fetched, but not totally out of the question...


Bran built the wall

Some fans think that Bran pulled a Donald and built the wall. Keeping in mind that he has the power to manipulate the past and every Bran in history is actually...him, so it might be revealed in the final season that he, in fact, built the wall.