This Is How You Can Celebrate Your Birthday In Quarantine

No one is raining on your b-day parade this year! C'mon, let's celebrate!

Jordan Cohen
Created by Jordan Cohen
On Sep 2, 2021
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Whether you like to celebrate your birthday for a whole month or dread the day altogether, it's time to face the reality that you'll probably be spending your b-day at home this month. And if supermodel Gigi Hadid and Kourtney Kardashian can celebrate in quarantine, so can you. You might not be able to go to a fancy restaurant or party at a bar, but you can still have your special day in quarantine. Here's how!

Surround yourself with friends and family (at a social distance)

If you usually have a big party with your family, go for drinks with your friends, or have a low key date night you can still do that this year too. So, to have a somewhat normal birthday while social distancing you can have a birthday parade. Kourtney Kardashian's squad of family and friends surprised her by honking their horns and cheering outside her house. If it's a friend's b-day, you can organize a surprise parade, make signs, and bring the party straight to their front door.

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If you don't live near your usual birthday crew, a Zoom party is probably more convenient. Grab the shot glasses and throw on some mascara even to get in the birthday mood. Via Zoom, you and your friends can play drinking games, use fun backgrounds that look like your favorite bar, and blow out your candles. You might not be with your BFFs, but you definitely won't be complaining about your feet hurting at the end of the night.

Get in the spirit

Day 500 of staring at the same wall can drive anyone stir crazy. Use your birthday as an excuse to brighten up and redecorate your house. Homemade banners (or store bought), balloons, and pretty streamers can get you in the birthday zone. Look in your craft bin you haven't touched since middle school and see what you can create. You can go super simple with a "IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY." sign from The Office, or be really extra with a whole decorating kit.

This set comes with everything a birthday princess needs on her special day (or week if she's one of those people). For the girl that won't let Coronavirus stop her from taking a million b-day Instagram pictures, get this.

It's super sad that a lot of our favorite restaurants are closed due to COVID. If you were planning on eating at one of these, try re-creating the restaurant at your house! From the ambiance to the menu, you can make it feel like you're not in your living room. If your go-to restaurant is open however, you can order in from there and show support for local business. For extra birthday vibes, dress up and do your makeup. Changing out of sweats can do wonders for your mood.

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Have your cake and eat it too

Besides the attention, the best part of birthdays is the buffet of sweet treats. If you're in charge of baking your signature cake for every family member or friend's birthday, this year drop it off at their door. Or instead, send them the next best thing. Call your local bakery and place an order for something delicious (hello brownies, cookies, and cake). The Cake Boss made Gigi Hadid a bagel cake, so the dessert possibilities are endless.

Birthday wishlist

Number 1 on everyone's wishlist right now is for all this to be over. However, that's not really something you can put in wrapping paper. For some people this is a really difficult time, so if you can't afford physical gifts you can send the b-day boy or girl IOUs (I owe you). For example, you can say when this is over you'll get them a round of shots at the bar or a manicure. Another unique gift that requires no gift wrap is a personal message from your friend's favorite celebrity. Cameo is a service where you can pay for people like Chris Harrison to send a quick video to whoever you want. Maybe they'll even sing "Happy Birthday".

So there might not be sparklers and bounce castles, but you can still make the most out of this birthday!

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