This Is How You Can Celebrate Easter At Home

It can still be egg-cellent

Jordan Cohen
Created by Jordan Cohen
On Sep 19, 2021
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For those of you freaking out about having to cancel your annual Easter party, don't fret - Easter is still on! Many people look forward to holding competitive Easter egg hunts, making elaborate brunches, and seeing family at church. Even though you can't go out to your favorite Easter party this year, you can still celebrate at home! Here's how:

Church Services

Many people attend mass on Easter Sunday, but because we can't congregate in large gatherings, you'll have to get creative:

Easter Baskets

It's not that easy to go shopping right now for Easter basket stuffers. If you usually like to spend more on gifts you can create coupons for your loved ones of what they'll get at a later time. For example, a coupon for a manicure, a new toy, dinner at their favorite restaurant. And of course you can still get chocolate bunnies.

Brunch and Dinner

The best part at an Easter party is the brunch spread. Crispy bacon, fluffy biscuits, and bright eggs fill the beautifully decorated table in the morning. And for dinner, the feast continues with roasted ham or lamb, glazed carrots, and thick meat pies. However, this year you might not be able to get all of the ingredients or eat your favorite dishes.

Egg Hunt

Do your kids get super competitive during your annual Easter egg hunt? Even though they can't play with all of their cousins, they can still collect eggs!

If You're Sheltering Alone

Some people cannot be with their families on Easter due to social distancing. To feel like you're with family, FaceTime them during your meal and to watch your little cousins or grandkids do their egg hunt. Even decorating your space with bright streamers or pictures can set the holiday mood.

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