How To Style Your Hair At Home

Don't even think about touching those scissors!

Jordan Cohen
Created by Jordan Cohen
On Sep 14, 2021
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It's day 40 and you're starting to look unrecognizable. Your nails are chipped, your eyebrows are looking a little scary, and you're wearing a hat inside the house. As much as you want to cut your own hair, we recommend leaving some things to the professionals. You might think your hair looks bad now, but one wrong snip or box of dye and it could look so much worse. If you want your hair to look salon fresh try these styling tips!

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Fixing The Color

It's important to embrace our natural beauty and hair. However, if you have a ring of black or gray hair at the top of your head, that's all you'll be staring at instead of paying attention during your next Zoom meeting. Since going to a hair salon is out of the question right now, you'll have to color your own hair. Call whoever normally does your hair and ask what color they recommend you use or certain methods.

Joico Purple Shampoo

If you're a blonde or have blonde-highlighted hair, your NEED this purple shampoo. Yes purple. This shampoo brightens brassy blonde and silver looking hair. Use this 2-3 times a week alternating with your regular shampoo for more vibrant, fresh looking hair.

John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Shampoo

For the brunettes hiding under a baseball cap in their own home, this enriching shampoo is a must. If you've rescheduled your hair appointment 15 times now thinking we'd be out of here already, just stop. You can give yourself a touch up at home with this color deepening and moisturizing shampoo. See, who needs the salon?

L'Oreal Magic Root Cover Up

This root cover up is truly magical. If you're triple texting your hair stylist for a bottle of your color and they're ignoring you, try this. This spray is a quick and easy fix for those incoming roots. It can be applied right before your Zoom meeting and last you until your next shampoo (which could be in a few days because who cares at this point?).

Give Yourself A Blowout

One of the best feelings is getting a fresh blow out. You know you can never do it right at home, so having someone do it for you feels like a luxury. Since the only place you're going these days is Trader Joe's and the front yard, pampering at the salon is out of the question. However, you still deserve to look extra beautiful even if you're just at home.

Revlon Hot Air Brush

This blow dryer turns two jobs into one. No more trying to hold the hair dryer while simultaneously curling with the round brush. If you're scared of getting the brush stuck in your hair like you always do, don't worry. This tool is detangling, dries hair fast, and creates a shiny blowout just like at the salon.

Learn A New Style

Imagine a life where your friends or little sister ask, "Do you know how to do cool braids?", and you can finally say 'yes'! Now is the time to try some new styles and learn how to master a fishtail braid. Go on YouTube or TikTok for braid tutorials, grab your supplies, and be patient. Practice makes perfect!

Treat Your Hair

If you were on your way to the hair salon for a haircut the day they shut down the world, don't worry; put down the scissors, your hair can still be saved. If your hair needs to freshen up, give it the extra care it needs right now with a repairing mask or silky treat.

Silk Pillowcase

To prevent further hair damage, take care of your hair morning and night. A silk pillowcase is a good hair care investment because it does the work for you while you sleep. This luxurious pillowcase reduces friction and damage to wet hair, which can cause split ends. If you're trying to look like your best self after this quarantine, you need this pillowcase.

DIY Hair Mask

3 Ingredient Smoothing Mask

What you'll need:

2 tablespoon apple cider vinegar

1 tablespoon honey

1 tablespoon water

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