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There's still time to make someone's holiday special!

Jordan Cohen
Created by Jordan Cohen
On Dec 17, 2020
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The holidays are supposed to be a magical season, but it can also be a stressful time, especially this year amidst a global pandemic. For those who have lost their jobs, are working overtime, or taking care of households on their own, they need a little extra holiday spirit. Show your loved ones how special they are and make their Christmas a little brighter! Anyone that's been there for you this year, whether your mom or even bus driver, gift them something special! Need ideas? Here are gifts from Amazon for everyone in your life!

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For Mom:

Moving back home during quarantine is like being in high school all over again. Mom comes into your room without knocking, you have to help with groceries, and lights out by 10 pm. While you fought, you also probably grew closer. Show Mom your appreciation for the time spent together with a thoughtful gift.

Silk Pillowcase

Give your mom the gift of a good night's beauty sleep. This luxe pillowcase is anti-aging and anti-bed head. She'll go to sleep with sweet dreams and wake up with shiny hair and glowing skin.

Electric Kettle

Have you noticed your mom is drinking a lot more relaxing sleepy time tea? This tea kettle is a major upgrade and must have this Christmas. It features 5 preset temperatures and even beeps when the water's boiled.

Fragrance Diffuser

Does your mom miss treating herself to a spa day? Maybe she's been hesitant to go back because of Covid, so why not recreate the spa at home? Give the ambiance she's getting pampered with this lovely scented diffuser. It comes in a variety of scents.

For Dad:

Even though Dad has been interrupting all your Zoom classes he still deserves a gift this holiday. And if you've only seen him from his porch because of social distancing, get him something extra special to let him know you're always thinking of him!

Star Wars Tumbler

Does your dad drink 3 cups of coffee a day (and is also a Star Wars fan)? He needs this Star Wars themed tumbler. It will keep his hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for hours. Get it before Christmas at Amazon!

Blue Light Glasses

If your dad doesn't have these already, add to cart now! These glasses block harmful blue-rays from things like smartphones and computers. So if your dad likes to read from his iPad late at night, he needs these.

Personal Massager

After a long day of work, whether on his feet in the field or sitting for hours in front of a laptop at home, Dad needs to decompress. This massager is great for relieving neck, back, and foot pain.

For Kids:

Your kids probably already wrote their letters to Santa, so you know what to put under the tree Christmas morning. But if you need a few last minute gifts, here are some for all age ranges.

Surprise Stuffed Animal (Age 3-5)

These stuffed animals are so cute and look yummy enough to eat! If your toddler loves pizza and puppies, this is a perfect stocking stuffer. Perfect for all genders!

Bracelet Kit (Age 6-10)

Does your child love stacking colorful bracelets on her arm? She can make her own beautiful personalized jewelry with this bracelet kit!

Sticker Maker (Age 11-15)

Tired of Redbubble packages showing up every week? Let your kid make their own stickers! This machine prints your own stickers, perfect for laptops, crafts, and decorating Hydro Flasks!

Phone Projector (Age 17-20)

Binge watching The Office for the 500th time from an iPhone is straining on the eyes. Get your kid their own mini movie theater with this projector. It connects to their phone so they can watch all their shows on the big screen. Perfect for kids in college with no cable and just streaming!

For Siblings:

Siblings are like built in best friends. If you're super close with your siblings or don't talk as much as you'd like to, the holidays are the perfect time to show how much you love and miss them (if you haven't been quarantined together for 10 months).

Laptop Stand

Do you feel like every time you try FaceTiming your older sister or brother they're always working? If they're busy working from home, make their day more comfortable with this laptop stand. It raises your computer to eye level and gives more of an office feel.

Toiletry Bag

Once it's safe to travel again, your brother will need something better than a plastic bag to hold his toiletries. Gift him this classic toiletry bag perfect for carry-ons, going back to school, and staying organized.

Ring Light

Does your sibling think they're Tik Tok famous? To help them become a star, get them this ring light. All the best vloggers have one.

For Boyfriend/Girlfriend:

Quarantine has definitely been a test for relationships. If you've made it, congrats! Show your partner some extra love with a special gift. In a brand new relationship and don't know what to get? We got you covered.

Milk Bar Cookies (Dating 1 month)

For a new relationship, don't think too much into a gift. Get them something sweet like these cult favorite cookies!

Homesick Candle (Dating 1-2 months)

This is a thoughtful gift without it being over the top. If you're recently dating someone from a different state/country as you, get them something that reminds them of home.

Ugg Slippers (Dating 3-5 months)

If you've been dating for a few months now, you can spend a little more. These fluffy slippers are perfect for a girlfriend that's always cold. She can stay warm and stylish!

Ralph Lauren Joggers (Dating 3-5 months)

For a boyfriend of a few months, these cozy joggers are perfect. He can never have too many pairs to lounge around in.

Designer Beanie (Dating 6-9 months)

This beanie is perfect for the holidays. It's stylish and will keep your partner warm. The neutral stripes can be worn by a girlfriend or boyfriend.

Gold Hoops (Dating 1 year+)

If you're seriously dating, treat your girlfriend to something sparkly. These earrings are reasonable yet elegant looking. They're an upgrade from the classic hoop.

Durable Jacket (Dating 1 year+)

This jacket is super cool for your super boyfriend. It's more expensive, but it's durable and will keep him warm during the winter. It's perfect for layering.

For Teachers, Nurses, Health Care Workers, Babysitters- even your Manicurist:

Don't forget to gift the essential workers in your life. They've worked harder than ever this year to keep your family happy and healthy. Return the favor with a small gesture this holiday!

While you were the best Zoom teacher during the Spring, give credit to your kids' actual teachers. They're doing their best to make learning remote or in person efficient, fun, and safe! Show them your gratitude with this lovely soap set.

Nespresso Machine

This gift is perfect for anyone addicted to coffee. If it's for a teacher, coordinate with the other parents in the class to all chip in. Any nurse/doctor would appreciate this gift in their office too when they need an extra cup of coffee.

Embroidered Pouch

This cute little pouch is a great gift for a babysitter, manicurist, or someone who helps with your groceries. It can hold headphones, masks, and some nail polish. The perfect thank-you.

Essential Oil Diffuser

When it's time to unwind, they'll appreciate this gift. It releases essential oils for hours and provides aromatherapy.

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