7 DIY Disney Costumes To Make for Halloween

Dress as your favorite Disney characters this year

Jordan Cohen
Created by Jordan Cohen
On Dec 27, 2021
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Halloween is the perfect time to show off your creativity. Your inner costume designer comes out to play on this spooky day. And what's better than a Disney Halloween costume? You can be your favorite evil villain or a pretty princess. Whether you need a last minute costume or have been planning your look for a year, you can get a lot of materials online. You don't have to spend a lot of money at Party City to have the best costume. Even though Halloween might look different this year, you can still put together a cool costume, have a socially distanced party, and safely trick-or-treat. Need inspiration? Here are 7 DIY Disney costumes you can make at home!


Ariel from The Little Mermaid

This Disney classic can be worn at any age, dressed up or down, fun or sexy. You may have worn the polyester version with a long sleeve turtleneck when you were 5, but Ariel can get a cool upgrade. Kylie Jenner was a sexy version of the little mermaid last Halloween. And you can recreate the look! Here's what you need:

First, you'll need a bottom part

These scaly leggings (or skirt) will make you look like you belong under the sea. They come in multiple colors. Ariel would totally wear these!

And a top part

Ariel's iconic purple shell bra isn't too weather appropriate, so you can try replacing it with a comfy long sleeve. It's simple enough to even wear after Halloween! For a sexier Ariel costume, try this criss cross top. It resembles her shell bra so it's perfect for a creative DIY outfit.

And don't forget about accessorizing

To complete the Ariel look, you need some fishy accessories. These pretty starfish clips will look great in your natural wavy hair or a red wig. Don't forget about Flounder for bonus points!


Vanellope von Schweetz

Just like Vanellope from Wreck-It Ralph, this DIY costume can be super sweet. You'll feel an extreme sugar rush when collecting the candy for this outfit. This costume is cute enough for a child but also for an adult. Here's what you need to recreate the look:

Top part

You need this cozy hoodie to recreate Vanellope's uniform. It's perfect for a DIY costume and you can even wear it after Halloween!

Bottom part

You can't forget the candy stripes on Vanellope's leggings! If you don't want to get the teal striped pants, try these funky thigh high socks.

Vanellope wore a skirt over her leggings, so you wore a skirt over leggings. These skirts can be worn by women and children for a cute look.


Don't forget accessories! This red scrunchie works if you don't want to put licorice in your hair. Wear it in a high pony and some curtain bangs for the true Vanellope von Schweetz look.

To complete this sweet DIY look, you need candy accessories, like these gummy bear hair pins and candies you can glue to clips, that are yummy enough to eat. But save room for your actual trick-or-treat loot.


Woody from Toy Story

Who doesn't want to dress like a cowboy for a day? Jessica Biel (as Jessie) and Justin Timberlake (as Buzz) pulled off the iconic partner costume in 2017, but Toy Story is timeless. Whether you remember it from 1995 or 2019, this costume is fun to make for a boy or girl. Don't forget the snake in your boot!

Top part

For a DIY version of Woody's cowboy costume, you need this plaid button down shirt. It's cozy and comes in a few different yellows. You can pair a simple jeans with it, and your costume base is ready to go.

For a trendy twist on Woody's classic cow print vest, try this cow print jean jacket!


You can't be Woody without these essential accessories. This kit comes with a cowboy hat and 3 bandanas. Don't forget your sheriff's badge and western belt!

Complete your look with a pair of brown cowboy or cowgirl boots. These are perfect for Halloween and the rest of fall!


Troy Bolton & Gabriella Montez from High School Musical

Who didn't want to be part of High School Musical in 2006? Singing on the cafeteria tables and basketball court was a dream. While the movies were popular with a now millennial crowd, the 2019 tv series revived it for gen z. If you want to dress like dreamy Troy, here's what you need to get your head in the game. And if you want to do a paired costume, DIY Gabriella's look!

Troy's bottom part

To pull off Troy's look, you need his basketball uniform. These jersey shorts are East High red and super comfy.

Troy's top part

If you don't want to purchase a High School Musical costume, getting a plain jersey and sticking on your own letters could be cheaper. Spell out 'WILDCATS' and Troy's number '14' on the jersey with these.

Gabriella's look

If you're doing a duo costume, wear this pretty red dress similar to Gabriella's in the final scene of HSM.

Gabriella's accessory

Grab this Bluetooth microphone to belt out "We're All in This Together" while trick-or-treating or at a costume party.


101 Dalmatians

What's cuter than a puppy? Dressing like one! Khloe and her baby True look adorable as Cruella de Vil and a pup. This costume is so easy to DIY and a classic for babies, adults, and groups. Look like the dog filter or a spotted Dalmatian with these items:

The base

For this costume, you need a white base. A sexy bodysuit or cozy onesie is perfect for covering in spots.


Every Dalmatian needs a few spots! These felt spots come in all shapes and can be stuck onto your costume so easily. Or if you want to get crafty, you can use a fabric marker to design your own spots.

Don't forget these necessary accessories! The dog ears and tail are a must to complete your look. And this heart choker/collar is so cute!



Want to feel like you're on an island during October? Dress up like the super ocean adventurer Moana for Halloween! Moana is adventurous, brave, and bright just like this costume you can make. Here's what you need:

Top part

Moana's colorful outfit is easy to recreate with any of these tops. The tie-dye one is strapless, like her tube top. And the crochet one has halter straps and can be worn over a bandeau.

Bottom part

For Moana's look, you need a floral sarong to wrap around the hula skirt. You can wear this on Halloween and to the pool! Or try a taupe one with tassels.


Keep the Heart of Te Feti (or your Halloween candy) safe with Moana's special necklace.


The Cheetah Girls

Grab your girl squad and recreate this iconic group costume. You don't even have to wear anything crazy - it's like working from home because you'll be in sweats. These outfits are simple yet bold. There are 4 Cheetah Girls, so everyone can pick a color - pink, orange, blue, purple. Here's what you'll need:

The base

Feel cozy on Halloween in these tracksuits! This one comes in Aqua blue and Dorinda orange.

Look like besties Galleria and Chanel in matching pink and purple sweatsuits.


These head-warmers are iconic to The Cheetah Girls costume. Every girl can wear their own color (Aqua - blue, Galleria - pink, Chanel - purple, Dorinda - orange) and look cheetah-licious.

Hoops were soo 2000s. These funky shaped hoops will definitely complete your Cheetah Girls DIY costume!

Have fun creating your DIY costumes this Halloween! With a few simple items, you can make the coolest costume!

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