50 Iconic Outfits To Get You Ready For the Sex And The City Reboot

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Jordan Cohen
Created by Jordan Cohen
On Feb 15, 2021
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After a chaotic first week of 2021, we deserve some good news. With one Instagram post, we finally got it. Sex and the City fans got chills hearing the sounds of honking taxis and typing keys. SATC stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon gave a sneak peak into HBO's reboot SATC Just Like That. Fans are left wondering what happened to Samantha? Where are they now? And what will they be wearing? The show made the cast style icons with their bold looks, so fans should expect major fashion moments in the reboot. Here are some iconic outfits from SATC to get you excited for the new season!

What might be one of the most iconic outfits in TV, this little pink tutu was found in $5 bin and is featured in the opening credits. This look has inspired many Halloween costumes and fashion inspiration.

Carrie wears her classic fur coat and heels for a casual day at a ballgame.

The newspaper dress is another iconic look from Sex and the City. Carrie wore it in season 3 and again in the 2010 sequel film.

Miranda is the only person that can run into the man that broke her heart wearing overalls and a baseball cap and still look confident. Her effortless and casual style can be easily worn today.

How could you forget this Sunday best look? Or when Big catches Carrie spying on him and his mother at church?

Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda looked chic and sexy in little black dresses throughout the series. Here's Miranda's sophisticated take.

This gingham set is a classic. It's playful and sexy just like Samantha.

Carrie's kimono made multiple appearances on Sex and the City. She took it from daytime robe to nighttime gown.

The beret. The red tulle. The fries. Need we say more?

Charlotte cursed the day Big was born in this iconic polka dot dress and bubble gum pink trench.

This outfit looked stunning...before Carrie and Big fell into the water.

To prove Samantha wasn't getting pregnant any time soon, she showed off her body in an open top to attend a preppy baby shower.

How could we forget this gorgeous look? Inspired by Elizabeth Taylor, Charlotte couldn't look more iconic.

Headscarves were major in the early 2000s.

The naked dress Carrie wore on her first real date with Big lives in our brain rent free.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer in the last season, Samantha embraced it with fun wigs like this hot pink one.

Miranda is not the type to wear a princess dress. So why would her wedding look be any different? She went with a non traditional but unforgettable maroon crushed velvet suit.

Yes, that is a bird in her hair.

These bold bridesmaids dresses definitely set the tone for the fashion statements in the Sex and the City movie.

This off-the shoulder cap sleeve gown encapsulates Charlotte's sophisticated and sexy style.

Big belts made a big statement in 2008.

Whether you love or despise this '80s prom look, it is definitely unforgettable.

This pretty in pink look is classic Charlotte York. From the little shoulder bag to the flirty slip skirt.

Mixing patterns was a Carrie go-to. Only a fashion icon can pull off patchwork and polkadots.

Wearing pearls to bed is the definition of "extra". And why couldn't she throw on a pair of Uggs to run out of the house?

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Samantha Jones loves a power suit and she rocks this hot pink one.

The wardrobe was filled with designer pieces, like this gorgeous Prada lipstick print skirt.

This outfit never gets old. It's simple and features Carrie's classic curls and nameplate necklace. Everyone wants to recreate it come summer time.

SATC created and followed trends like color blocking. Samantha's signature sexy style is seen too with this cowl neck halter.

The girls always dressed to impress, even if they were just going for a walk in the park.

Carrie wore this stunning Oscar de la Renta for a late night snack at McDonald's.

Samantha's not afraid of being in the spotlight, which is why this sparkly number is perfect for her.

These are 1 of 20 looks the girls brought to spend the day in the desert in SATC 2.

If this were 2021, Carrie would be super prepared to travel with Big with her navy gloves.

Super fans will never get this cringeworthy moment (and outfit) out of their heads.

What do you wear to the Hampton's event of the year? A cowboy hat and bandeau of course.

Charlotte definitely dressed to impress at the upstate country club, but did she impress viewers with these preppy conservative looks?

Carrie walked (in heels) on cobblestone streets so Emily could run (in Paris).

This androgynous lawyer ensemble is one for the books. Miranda rocked it.

To help Carrie clean her closet, Charlotte, Sam, and Miranda dressed to the nines.

These pinstripe bermudas are definitely something.

Charlotte only lets Harry wear a tiki shirt to a Hampton's event because she loves him.

Carrie gives major Watermelon Sugar High vibes walking the streets in Paris.

Leggings and a sweatshirt is the errand running uniform. Not for Charlotte however. To return her engagement ring, she wears this stylish strapless dress. /

Little black dress meet your match, little white dress.

The girls sported a few classic active wear looks, like these monochromatic yoga outfits.

This outfit and moment pays homage to a New York City summer- sweaty, fun, and fried.

Never forget when Carrie wore sequin underwear in a fashion show.

A classic Carrie outfit wouldn't be complete without Dior and a big skirt.

The finale outfits in the first movie are definitely iconic. Each character shows off their unique style in their gorgeous cocktail dresses.

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