50 Beautiful Places You Must Visit When It's Safe To Travel

Want to pretend you're on a warm island or breathtaking mountain? Mesmerize these images that'll take you there.

Jordan Cohen
Created by Jordan Cohen
On Nov 13, 2020
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Want to escape your studio apartment? Run away from the kids for a few minutes? It's hard to drop everything and get on a plane right now, unless you're Kim Kardashian. We all want to feel normal and take a nice long vacation, see something new, and meet people you haven't quarantined with for 9 months. If you need help figuring out your first trip post-pandemic, take a look at these 50 beautiful spots!


Bali, Indonesia

You need to visit this beautiful island for your next vacation. This pretty escape is perfect for couples or even a solo trip! Visit the majestic temples, like Tanah Lot, swing above a rice field, and relax at a spa or yoga retreat.


Valletta, Malta

This pretty town should be on your travel bucket list. On the coast of the Mediterranean country Malta, Valletta has many architectural sites to visit. Besides the historic churches, there are cute restaurants on in the town and on the waterfront. Every picture you take will look like a postcard!


Mallorca, Spain

This picture can easily boost your mood. The Spanish island is known for its gorgeous beaches (I mean, look at that water) and rocky coves. You can experience outdoor adventures, relax at the beach, or go on a wine tasting. Who doesn't need a vacation and drink after 2020?


Capri, Italy

Traveling to the colorful coast of Italy might not be in the plan for 2020, but one can pretend. Until you can eat fresh Italian pasta, swim in clear water, and drive through the pretty landscape, recreate this picturesque view in your own home. You don't need a plane ticket to eat spaghetti in a bikini!


Zermatt, Switzerland

Prefer a cooler vacation spot? Try the mountain town Zermatt. Love breathtaking views and feeling on top of the world? Take a cable car up the pyramid-like Matterhorn that borders both Italy and Switzerland. Get two trips for the price of one!


Marrakesh, Morocco

Skip the supermarket and go to a real market. Start planning your next trip to Marrakesh for a cultural and colorful experience. Visit this vibrant and busy (hopefully social distanced) 'souk' for a good bargain, yummy spices, and lots of shopping.


Paris, France

Admit it, after watching 'Emily in Paris' you started planning your move to The City of Lights. Instead of moving there for a new job, you can just go for a pretty vacation. Of course hit all the tourist spots, but don't forget to find unique places on your own.


Chiang Mai, Thailand

This glowing picture is just a glimpse into the beautiful city of Chiang Mai. You can spend the day visiting different intricate temples and then at night walk around the night market trying ethnic dishes.


New Orleans, Louisiana

You don't need a passport (if you live in the U.S.) to see a new place. Hop in the car and take a road trip to this loud and exciting city. It's a great spot for music and food lovers. The scenery isn't too bad to look at either.


Havana, Cuba

The perfect backdrop for your next Instagram post! Walk the colorful streets of Havana and see the pretty buildings, architecture, and eat food with the locals. You'll great great content in the city as well as at the nearby beach.


Sausalito, California

If you're traveling in California, you need to stop by Sausalito. Over the sparkling Golden Gate Strait, spend the day in this cute little waterfront town. Admire the hills filled with houses, cute restaurants, and colorful greenery.


Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

This is where you go when you need a vacation. Everything you imagine in a beach vacay is in the Cayman Islands. Clear oceans, swimming with marine life, and full relaxation. Visit the colonial ruins too if you want a little history lesson on your trip!


Toronto, Canada

Tired of your own city? Visit this one! Toronto is famous for its CN Tower, but there is more to see. Hockey museums, nightlife, and St Lawrence Market are worth leaving your own home for.


Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

This picture can make a city girl turn into a nature lover for a day. The Grand Canyon should be on everyone's bucket list- it's a geographic marvel! The red rocks and layers reveal millions of years of geographic history. The view at sunrise and sunset is just as beautiful. See for yourself!


Manhattan, New York

Yes, NYC is worth the hype. When it's safe for Broadway to reopen, that should definitely be on your to-do list in Manhattan. You can still bike ride in the Central Park, shop on 5th Ave, and eat at iconic restaurants. Spend a day or a week in New York.


Athens, Greece

Want to visit the historical sites you read about in the Iliad in high school? Athens is the perfect trip for history, art, shopping, and culture. Head up to the ancient Acropolis or eat local cuisine looking at the view.


Petra, Jordan

Is Petra on your travel bucket list? It should be. This city is built into stone walls and is a historic archeological site. See the sandstone temples and tombs in the "Rose City".


Salt Lake City, Utah

Need a ski trip but can't live a day without the city? Take a trip to Salt Lake City, Utah for a view of the snowy mountains and busy skyline.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

This destination should be at the top of your list when you decide to get on a plane again. Modern art museums, historical sites, and outdoor activities like bike riding make this a perfect vacation.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

City, beach, and history? Sounds like the perfect vacation. Chill at the beautiful beach along the bustling and cultural city of Rio De Janeiro. Take a cable car up the famous Sugarloaf Mountain for a special view of the city.


Lisbon, Portugal

Grab your passport and your camera. You're going to take lots of pictures on this European vacation. Lisbon is a beautiful city with hills, pastel colored buildings, and pretty beaches nearby.


Maui, Hawaii

Just looking at this picture makes you happier. Now imagine jumping in that ocean for real. Honolulu can be a relaxing vacation or an active one. Lay by the beach or hike in the lush and visit serene waterfalls.


Budapest, Hungary

While it might not be safe to jump in the famous thermal baths, there are plenty of things to do in the cool city Budapest. Take a boat ride along the Danube and see Budapest landmarks or enjoy native goulash to get the full Hungarian experience.


Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi has become such a tourist attraction, the novelty "Train Street" was closed after too many people were taking dangerous selfies. You can safely take pictures though at other interesting sites like the Old Quarter, pray at the many temples, and try new Vietnamese dishes.


Dublin, Ireland

Avoid Dublin on St. Patrick's Day if you don't like crowds. But, on any other day enjoy the lively pubs, tour the Dublin Castle or St. Patrick's Cathedral, and make a trip to the Cliffs of Moher.


Santiago, Chile

Snow in South America? Go see for yourself. Besides the Andes Mountains, there's museums, landmarks, and cathedrals to visit. As Chile's largest city, you're sure to find something to do.


Cusco, Peru

This mountain city is a must visit. First of all, who wouldn't want to pet that llama? And second, the famous ancient Incan citadel Machu Picchu is only 50 miles away. There are lots of mountains to climb and culture to learn about here.


Las Vegas, Nevada

Known for their neon lights and glamorous casinos, Las Vegas is a vacation everyone should go on at least once. Besides gambling, there are shows, parties, and even rollercoasters in hotels. Who says the desert can't be fun?


Tel Aviv, Israel

Go to the city, beach, and desert all in one vacation. Tel Aviv is a place you can experience different cultures, delicious food at restaurants in town or on the beach, shop for a bargain at the market, and travel to historic cities nearby.



Seen the movie 'Crazy Rich Asians'? Then you'll know why these electric trees look so familiar. Eat at the island city-state's famous open food market and get a spectacular view from the top of these super trees.


Key West, Florida

Just 90 miles from Cuba, you can find plenty of things to do in the southernmost part of Florida. Dive into the clear water and take a look at the coral reefs and marine life.


Sydney, Australia

This popular vacation spot is on everyone's bucket list for a reason. Landmarks like the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge are must sees. Like to live on the edge? Get a birds eye view of the city from the Sydney Tower.


Cody, Wyoming

Want to vacation like the Kardashians? For a down-to-earth getaway venture off to Wyoming. Experience the simple life while camping and horseback riding. Yellowstone National Park isn't too far away either.


Cape Town, South Africa

Planning a trip for 2021? Why not South Africa? Cape Town has beaches, historical museums, and hiking. Take a cable car up to the famous Table Mountain and enjoy the beautiful view. Adventurous? Spend the night on a safari campground.


Barcelona, Spain

Are you a foodie? Then you have to visit Barcelona. Restaurant hop and try tapas from beach restaurants or Instagram famous "Happy Pills". Visit the beautiful churches and iconic viewing point Park Güell.


Bangkok, Thailand

The city of Bangkok is a must see if you're traveling in Thailand. This busy city is full of culture and delicious foods to try. For a more down to earth look into Thailand, take a boat ride through a nearby floating market. See the onshore houses and shops via canoe.


Banff, Canada

Live for the winter? Take a trip to Alberta's resort town Banff. In this winter wonderland you can get a glimpse of the Rocky Mountains, kayak through the serene waters, and shop in town. Banff is best known for its beautiful mountain ranges so don't miss out!


Sugar Beach, St. Lucia

When you think of paradise, this should be your vision. For a major "treat yourself" vacation, book a stay at the lux Sugar Beach. This resort is right on crystal clear beach with a gorgeous view of volcanic plugs The Pitons. Take a day trip to the relaxing sulphuric springs.


The Hamptons, New York

Planning your next summer getaway? Spend a day or a week in the Hamptons. If you want to relax, there's beaches and boutique shopping. For group activities, visit the famous wineries and farmers markets on the island.


San Juan, Puerto Rico

This vacation can be spent at one San Juan's many beach resorts or in town discovering historical sites. Casinos, colonial buildings, or day trips in the nearby rainforest are a few things to do on this trip.


Patagonia, Argentina

Is the southernmost tip of South America on your travel bucket list? It should be. This region shares a border with Chile and Argentina, so you can visit desserts and grasslands on one side and glaciers on the other.


Rincón de la Vieja National Park, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known for its lush rainforests, which is why you should visit Rincón de la Vieja National Park. This is one of the many national parks that offer beautiful excursions to waterfalls, sights of wildlife and volcanoes.


Cancun, Mexico

Time for a vacation! For everything you look forward to on a vacay (food, drinks, party, beach), head to Cancun. Enjoy water excursions during the day and club hopping at night.


Vienna, Austria

Going on a European vacation? You have to stop in Vienna. This beautiful city is full of history, art, and culture. Visit the many castles and art museums in Vienna or go to an opera during Ball season. There are plenty of outdoor activities during the winter too.


Nashville, Tennessee

Love music and good food? Head to Nashville! This vibrant city always has something to do. Live music, busy bars, famous hot chicken, and pedal taverns should give you something to do for a few days.


Dubai, UAE

Skyscrapers in the desert? Yes. Take a trip to the luxurious Dubai, known for high end shopping, super modern architecture, and artificial islands. There's always something new and exciting to see here.


Kyoto, Japan

For a look into culture maybe different from yours, take a trip to Kyoto. Known for its many Buddhist temples, palaces, and gardens. Marvel at the traditional wooden homes and shrines on this trip. You can also experience traditional kaiseki dining.


London, England

Want to see the royal stomping grounds? Visit London. See a show at the famous Globe, travel via double decker bus, and say 'hi' to the queen from outside Buckingham Palace. Go on a pub crawl to see how the locals have fun.


Agra, India

If you're going to India, you have to see the Taj Mahal. This iconic and intricate tomb is a must see, as well as Agra Fort and some beautiful gardens by the river. There's always something to see here and in populous nearby cities.


Rijeka, Croatia

Take a look at the Adriatic coast when visiting Rijeka. This pretty city is known for its pretty beaches, colorful buildings, and museums. For an unforgettable experience, hike though the mountains.

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