This Is Why Episode 9 Of Game Of Thrones Is ALWAYS EPIC!

GoT fans all know that the ninth episode of every season is the best, most thrilling and enticing one. With Episode 9 of Season 6 approaching, let's take a look at all the crazy stuff that has happened in the other seasons' ninth episodes.

Joppe Maren
Created by Joppe Maren
On Jun 16, 2016

Joffrey's a little f*%$er

Season 1, Episode 9


Tyrion: little man with big ideas

Season 2, Episode 9


The Red Wedding...enough said

Season 3, Episode 9


In the Battle of Castle Black we discovered what was North of the wall...wasn't pretty

Season 4, Episode 9


Drogon saves his mother from dying...who says dragons don't make for good kids

Season 5, Episode 9


Who do you think will win the Battle Of The Bastards?
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Season 6, Episode 9