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What is an Atlanta Aesthetics Doctors?

Human beings always try to give their best image to others. Aesthetics has contributed to this for many years, but the cult of today's society to youth and physical image has helped to find new treatments that would respond better and better to this social

demand. The answer to this demand has come from the world of Aesthetic Medicine, aesthetic doctors and scientific advances, which today allow us to offer our patients unthinkable treatments a few years ago.

The Aesthetic Doctor is a medical professional, with specific training in the procedures of his competence , who is in charge of helping his patients to improve those aspects of his image that bother him, always based on medical and scientific criteria and from a realistic basis.

It is important to differentiate between an Aesthetic Doctor and an Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon. The surgeon uses surgical methods

to achieve the aesthetic improvements that the patient demands, while the Aesthetic Doctor uses minimally invasive treatments. An aesthetic doctor never performs surgical treatments, while a plastic surgeon can complement his activity with procedures of

Aesthetic Medicine. Both specialties coexist and can be perfectly complementary depending on the cases.

What are the treatments that an aesthetics doctor performs most?

At the facial level, the Rejuvenation of the face, for  the elimination of wrinkles and sagging, is undoubtedly the most demanded treatment. The therapeutic arsenal with the Aesthetic Doctor account for this purpose can be very varied. The star treatment is undoubtedly Botox, followed by hyaluronic acid fillers. But we cannot forget other treatments such as peels, vitamin

mesotherapy, tension threads, radiofrequency and lasers. In practice, the ideal treatment to rejuvenate the face is usually the combination of several of them.

At the body level the treatments that are most demanded from the aesthetic doctor are laser hair removal , cellulite treatment ,

localized fats , sagging , overweight and aesthetic varicose veins. Procedures such as mesotherapy, carboxytherapy, Aqualix, diets or Sclerotherapy should always be performed by doctors trained in its application, to ensure maximum safety and efficacy.

Laser hair removal should also be performed or supervised by a medical specialist.

It is important to always go to specialized medical centers that have the accreditation of their Autonomous Community as authorized centers, so that the procedures associated with Aesthetic Medicine are always carried out with safety and guarantees for the patient.