What is a CRM software ?

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On Jun 14, 2019
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What is a CRM software?

What is a CRM software?

What is a CRM software?

What is a CRM software?
As we saw in the Customer Relationship Management post , a CRM is on the one hand the marketing and sales strategy that deals with customer relationships; and on the other hand it is a CRM software, that is, a computer system that companies use to manage those customers and control the company's activities around them.

Still not using a software or CRM program?
If you are an entrepreneur and you want to group all your contacts in an application and forget about the Excel sheets, the CRM is your ally.

Is it important to use a CRM in your company? The answer is yes. At the beginning, when the company is starting it is possible that you manage with an Excel, but little by little the contacts increase and the managements of the company also, reason why the leaves of Excel remain obsolete and the companies end up losing information.

A CRM is a software in which the information is grouped in one place, and if you have searched, such as SumaCRM you can quickly find what you need.

On the other hand, it does not take up space, since being an online CRM we can access from any device and if it breaks down, we do not lose the information.

Conclusion: CRM, software, fundamental. 

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Types of CRM software:
We can divide the CRM into two categories, in turn composed of two elements.

First of all we can see that there are two types of CRM: CRM On Premise and CRM Online

CRM On Premise : It is an 'in house' software. This CRM program is intended for large companies.
CRM Online : It's in the cloud, online, with just one click. It is mainly used for SMEs.
Second, two other types of tools are distinguished according to the payment method.

CRM Free : Offer free plans
CRM Payment : Depending on the platform and the plan, they have a set price.

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